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Sustainable Food Proteins

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Harjinder Singh, Massey University, New Zealand and Lingyun Chen, University of Alberta, Canada


Sustainable Food Proteins (SFP) is an international, open-access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed original research articles, reviews, and opinion pieces that support the development and consumption of sustainably derived protein foods.

The SFP scope will cover all aspects of sustainably produced food proteins, including processing and extraction technologies, food structures and digestion, sensory, and nutritional and health impacts. The SFP editorial board intends to accept papers in the following areas of food protein research:

  • Technologies and processes for extraction and manufacture of food proteins and protein-rich ingredients (in particular edible proteins that are not sourced from traditionally farmed livestock)
  • Structures and functionality of “alternative proteins,” i.e., protein ingredients sourced from plants, insects, fungi, or through tissue culture or fermentation
  • Recombinant technologies for protein production (in bacteria, yeast, or plants)
  • Cell culture-based production of animal protein
  • Novel analytical techniques for protein characterization and functionality
  • Food product formulations and product development with alternative protein ingredients
  • Sensory and consumer aspects of protein foods
  • Digestion and nutritional quality of alternative proteins and protein-based foods
  • Aspects of the impact of protein foods on human health
  • Sustainable protein-based ingredients that enable health and wellness in livestock, pets, and farmed fish
  • Animal protein foods derived from sustainable production systems and practices
  • Combinatorial protein foods derived from both animal and plant sources

Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society

Editor-in-Chief: Silvana Martini (2021-2026), 2022 Impact Factor: 2.0


JAOCS has been the leading source for peer-reviewed original research related to the fats and oils industries since 1947. A monthly publication, JAOCS publishes original research articles, invited reviews, short communications and letters to the editor that add significantly to understanding the science and technology of fats, oils, oilseed proteins and related materials. This includes original research pertaining to analysis, properties, processing, products and applications of these food and industrial resources. Breakthroughs in food science and technology, biotechnology, and industrial products and applications are also included.

Gain insights about the latest innovations in the following subject areas:

  • Analytical and physical chemistry
  • Biotechnology and biocatalysis
  • Edible applications and physiochemistry
  • Genetics, genomics and biological mechanisms
  • Lipid oxidation and antioxidants
  • Nonfood or industrial applications
  • Processing and engineering technology


Editor-in-Chief: Philip C. Calder, University of Southampton (2020-2025), 2022 Impact Factor: 1.9


Lipids, founded in 1966, publishes original full-length research articles, rapid communications, and invited reviews in lipid research focusing on the chemistry, biochemistry, and metabolism of lipids, lipidomics, and preclinical and clinical nutrition. In addition, Lipids publishes papers establishing novel methods to address questions in lipid research.

Gain insights about the latest innovations in the following subject areas:

  • Lipid function
  • Biochemical and genetic regulation of lipid metabolism
  • Cellular lipids' pathways and networks in biological systems encompassing the lipidome
  • Novel mechanisms in lipid biochemistry or metabolism
  • Clinical or nutritional studies, including those that report novel insights and applications of plant and microbial lipids
  • Novel methods or the novel application of established techniques in lipid research

Journal of Surfactants and Detergents

Editor-in-Chief: Douglas G. Hayes (2019-2024), 2022 Impact Factor: 1.6


JSD publishes scientific contributions in the surfactants and detergents area. This includes basic and applied science of oleochemical and petrochemical surfactants; development and performance of surfactants in all applications; as well as development and manufacture of detergent ingredients and their formulation into finished products. Many articles also include the performance, test method development, analysis and the environmental fate of surfactants and detergent ingredients.

Gain insights about the latest innovations in the following subject areas:

  • Surfactant development and formulation
  • Detergent development, manufacturing and formulation
  • Performance, test method development and analysis of surfactants and detergents
  • Environmental fate of these same products