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You can


We hope you are inspired to get involved and make a difference! YOU CAN help drive the future of our Society.



► WHY?
Volunteering provides several benefits, including the opportunity to network with your peers around your professional background or interests. It also exposes you to trends and best practices within your profession and gives you leadership training and experience. Volunteering can be an excellent way to learn more about a particular role or sector, especially if you are changing your area of expertise.

AOCS offers many ways to get involved. There are opportunities for everyone, whether you are a student, just beginning your career, or a seasoned professional. You can donate your skills by serving on a committee, supporting us organizationally or helping with events like our annual conference.

Choose your preferred level of involvement:

I'm super busy, but want to contribute!

  • Participate on Social Media
  • Vote in elections
  • Tell us your AOCS story
  • Recruit a member
  • Submit to our blog
  • Donate to the AOCS Foundation

I want to be more involved!

  • Recognize a colleague
  • Present your research
  • Organize a session
  • Publish your work
  • Program planning

I'm ready to lead!

  • Editorial positions
  • Methods development
  • Working committees
  • Value Centers
  • AOCS Governance