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With three peer-reviewed journals, the most comprehensive and authoritative open access website on lipid science, an international magazine for science and business professionals, an AOCS Press with more than 140 titles, and a global community of experts with practical solutions to challenges affecting biobased products and technologies, AOCS has the content you need.


AOCS Webinars

Learn from a variety of relevant webinars, or create and share on yourself with the AOCS community. Whether you are working on research or have recently published work or information from past conference presentations, we invite you to share your findings with the broader AOCS community. Anyone can propose a webinar!


inform|connect is a global community designed to exchange information and provide solutions to real-world challenges affecting biobased products and technologies. inform|connect is supported by a non-governmental organization.

Lipid Library

The AOCS Lipid Library is an open access website that is a major source of lipid science and technology information It is freely available to all scientists, technologists, students and anyone interested in the topic.


INFORM magazine is an AOCS member benefit providing international news on fats, oils, surfactants, detergents, and related materials. Each issue features articles written by globally recognized industry leaders and the latest developments in AOCS-related disciplines.


AOCS Press publishes three peer-reviewed journals and has a combined 160 years of publishing excellence in the fats and oils scientific communities. The journals, available online and in print, include: Jof American Oil Chemists, Lipids and Journal of Surfactants and Detergents


AOCS Press books, available inprint an donine formats, cover topics on fats, oils, food chemistry, nutrition and surfactants. Titles are noow published under the Academic Press and AOCS Press imprint so authors gain worldwide distribution and recognition as experts in the field.