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November/December 2014

Detection, monitoring, and deleterious health effects of lipid oxidation products generated in culinary oils during thermal stressing episodes

Developing a high-performance, low-streak degreaser

What’s the automotive aftermarket industry hiring surfactants to do?

October 2014

Ideas that hold water

Development of the first efficient membrane separations of cis fatty acids

Using palm oil mill effluent to produce single-cell protein

September 2014

How enzymes are transforming manufacturing

Unlocking microbial biosurfactants

Using 3D aser scanning to model food-safe enviroments

July/August 2014

2014 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

Advances in biodiesel production

Using enzymes to make biodiesel from low-quality oils

June 2014

Special report on algae

A customized approach to frying oil

Hottest trends in algae

May 2014

Cannabis testing: a review of the current landscape

Omics reveals subtle changes in carbon flux that lead to increased oil biosynthesis in oil palm

Harnessing ancient bacteria to make industrial chemicals

April 2014

Emulsions: making oil and water mix

The changing world of lecithins

The commercialization of Ahiflower™ oil, a new and sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids

March 2014

Lipid co-oxidation of proteins: One size does not fit all

Commercializing enzymatic biodiesel production

Surface-active free fatty acids promote oxidation in water-in-walnut oil emulsions

February 2014

Pathways to novel chemicals

Lipidomics comes of age

Oil of clove

January 2014

Special report on pet food and nutrition

Lipid oxidation in dry pet food

Specialty lipids in pet nutrition

November/December 2013

Enhanced oil recovery and household laundry—more alike than you might think

Designing surfactant-only formulations for a high-salinity and tight reservoir

Could panda gut microbes power the next-generation biorefinery?

October 2013

Silent partners: implications of the human microbiome

Special report on aqueous oil extraction

A simple and efficient one-step method for the extraction of lipid-soluble compounds from tissue and food

September 2013

Implications for bone health of Vitamin D status in military populations

Special report on natural antioxidants

Sesamol: a natural antioxidant for frying oil

July/August 2013

2013 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo stretches the limits

Structure: the ultimate expression of nature’s complexity

Plant oils: the perfect renewable resource for the chemical industry?!

June 2013

Frac fever heats up

Fat fight: Catch-22 for Western oleochemicals?

Why we care about scientific misconduct: a view from an editor-in-chief

May 2013

Eating cotton: the saga of ultra-low-gossypol cottonseed

Making sense of e-sensing

How many mass spectrometers are enough?

April 2013

President’s profile: Timothy G. Kemper

Point–Counterpoint: omega-3 fatty acids and oxidative stress

Omega-3s: fishing for a mechanism

March 2013

Understanding lipid structures and digestibility

What’s in a claim? Would a food not labeled “natural” taste as sweet?

High throughput research for formulators

February 2013

The preservative Wars

2013 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo: Expand your knowledge, network, and experience Montréal

Singapore 2012: Why business as usual won’t work anymore

January 2013

DHA function and metabolism in the nervous system

Recent advances in benchtop magnetic resonance for food manufacturing and agriculture

Electron paramagnetic resonance: analysis of oxidative stability of olive oil

November/December 2012

A novel green catalytic process for biodiesel production from jatropha

Safety without suffering: advances in animal-free toxicity testing

“Super phos” esters: the key to higher-performance products

October 2012

The science behind optimal frying

Efficient recovery of tocopherols from vegetable oil

Improving sustainability in oils processing by fatty acid recovery

September 2012

Nanoscale oil confinement in fat crystal networks: Why puff pastries are a new frontier for theoretical physicists

High-oleic canola oils and their food applications

Challenges for the food industry in the post-trans era

July/August 2012

Oilseeds and food, water, and energy security

2012 Annual Meeting & Expo

Biocatalysis: modifying lipids to advance the food industry and human health

June 2012

Science and modern art

Hydrocolloids get personal

Advancing sustainable coatings

May 2012

Chocolate science

Why is milk chocolate softer than dark chocolate?

The secrets of Belgian chocolate

April 2012

Letter from the president

President's profile: Deland J. Meyers

Oil in biomass: a step-change for bioenergy production?

March 2012

World supplies of rapeseed and canola likely to remain tight in the 2012/13 season

Preventing lipid oxidation in omega-3-enriched foods

Is one form of omega-3 more bioavailable than another?

February 2012

Patrick Donnelly named CEO of AOCS

14th Latin American Congress on Fats and Oils

Latin America’s role in the production and consumption of vegetable oils

January 2012

Oilseeds in Australia

Oilseed production, Aussie style

Fats and oils processing “down under”

November/December 2011


Versatile camelina: the future of biofuel and much more

Camelina: a designer biotech oilseed crop

October 2011

Soy and breast cancer

Sugar to glucaric acid: a sweet path to renewable chemicals

Omega-3 fatty acids: $13 billion global market

September 2011

IOM panel recommends tripling vitamin D intake: Panel’s conservative approach receives criticism

Commercializing algae—challenges and opportunities

EU approves food labeling rules

July/August 2011

Olive oil debate continues

Bugs and dust: Tiny detectives reveal big truths

Solvent fractionation 101: frequently asked questions

June 2011

Top 11 algae biofuel and biochemical trends for 2011-2020

Fast pyrolysis: next generation biomass gasoline and diesel production

Has degumming with enzymes come of age?

May 2011

Insect oils: nutritional and industrial applications

The olive: a natural supplier of active ingredients for skin lightening and age spot reduction

You are what your mother ate

April 2011

Letter from the president

President's profile: Erich E. Dumelin

Reconstructing formulas

March 2011

Innovative, sustainable consumption: A challenge for the entire value chain

Maybe we don't know beans...

Ad hoc biodiesel industry review

February 2011

Is there a New Normal? Mapping future strategies for our industry

Preview: 102nd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

New 3-MCPD/glycidol ester method

January 2011

President's letter

The future of professional societies

The power of purpose-inspired, industry-led growth

December 2010

Biofuels could be cleared for aircraft use

Biomass--The next revolution in surfactants?

Sustainability watch

November 2010

Green trend drives personal care ingredients market

One person's response to a high omega-6 diet

Glycerophospholipids-what they do for us

October 2010

Universal detectors for determination of lipids in biodiesel production

New very long chain fatty acid seed oils produced through introduction of strategic genes into Brassica carinata

Formulation engineering: Opportunities and challenges

September 2010

Reprocessing of ethyl ester light fraction

Questioning the virginity of olive oils

Surfactants based on monounsaturated fatty acids for enhanced oil recovery

August 2010

Letter from the President

Detergent chemistry has hit the wall on clean, so it's going green

Contemporary and future regulation/legislation regarding food/feed safety and quality

July 2010

Laser-induced acoustic desorption/chemical ionization mass spectrometry for lipid analysis

News from the Expo floor

Coverage of the 101st AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

June 2010

AOCS 2.0 debuts

Biodiesel industry faces economic, policy challenges

First high-GLA safflower oil on market

May 2010

Palm fatty acid distillate biodiesel: Next-generation palm biodiesel

Atlantis Program allows EU, US students to focus on biorenewable resources

Optimizing formulation blending for product success

April 2010

Message from the President

What is unrefined, extra virgin coldpressed avocado oil?

President's Profile: J. Keith Grime

March 2010


Hempseed oil in a nutshell

Dealing with the media: A cautionary tale

February 2010

Surplus biodiesel capacity in Germany and the European Union

Q&A with Bill Christie

Preview: 101st AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

January 2010

Analysis of fatty acid esters of 3-MCPD and glycidol in oils and fats

Short-term price forecasts for palm and lauric oils

Unique properties of CO2-expanded lipids

December 2009

The market situation and political framework in Germany for biodiesel and vegetable oil

Industrial oil crops—when will they finally deliver on their promise?

From abstract to presentation

November 2009

Chemically enhanced oil recovery stages a comeback

Kosher food regulations

Kao suspends DAG oil shipments

October 2009

Does the lipase source or oil composition influence enzymatic interesterification?

Field-portable mass spectrometers for onsite analytics: What’s next?

ASAGA celebrates 20th anniversary

September 2009

Health hazards from biodiesel blends?

Melamine analysis at the forefront

Recasting the pathway—Teaching plant lipid biochemistry by analogy

August 2009

Milk phospholipids

Global oil yields: Have we got it seriously wrong?

Omega-3 fatty acid profiling and dietary forensics

July 2009

Oilseeds of the future: Part 3

100th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo


June 2009

Saturated fats and the risk of heart disease

Oilseeds of the future: Part 2

Beyond biodiesel

May 2009

Oilseeds of the future

A novel CLA production method comes to light

Interview: Hector Carlos Autino

April 2009

Chloroesters in food:An emerging issue


President’s Profile: Ian C. Purtle

March 2009

An Indian perpective on vegetable oil supply and demand

1999–2008: AOCS’ tale of two cities

Frustrations about the omega-3 debate

February 2009

A convenient way to increase legume intake

Orlando to host 2009 AOCS Meeting

Quality crops: Application of ISO 9001 in agriculture

January 2009

Cover story: Vitamin E’s safety controversy

Come celebrate AOCS’ 100th anniversary in Orlando

1989–1998: The good times