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January 2018
January 2018
Volume 29 (1)

Featured Articles

What makes your shortening suitable for fancy croissants, puff and Danish pastry?
Large oscillatory shear tests explain why roll-in shortenings can bear the stresses of lamination.

Unraveling the fusty/musty off-flavor in native cold-pressed rapeseed oil by application of the molecular sensory science concept
Learn how the 2017 AOCS Analytical Division Student Award winner applied this unique concept to identify marker compounds that can be used to develop a quick method for determining the quality of native cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

Production of food-grade canola proteins by membrane-based process
A membrane-based, scalable process uses defatted canola meal to produce high yields of glucosinate-free proteins.

From laboratory to full-scale degumming: a new efficient phospholipase A
Researchers describe the development of Quara® LowP, including the properties and benefits that have been documented in Novozymes laboratories and full-scale trials.

Extraction of proteins and active substances from microalgae
A new process extracts more value from microalgae by recovering proteins in tandem with other high-priced products.

Tall oil, its chemistries and applications
Tall oil compounds are used in adhesives, paints, mining, and other applications. This article reviews their unique chemistry and properties.


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