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June 2018
June 2019
Volume 29 (5)

Featured Articles

Unconventional Oils
Learn how rice bran, pequi, pistachio, Allanblackia, and jatropha oils could expand the options available for food, cosmetic, or biodiesel applications.

Using shea-based formulations to overcome post-hardening in bakery shortenings
Learn how shea-based shortening can overcome post-hardening—a major drawback of shortenings formulated with fully hydrogenated liquid oils and/or palm oil and its fractions.

How collagen hydrolysate works on your skin and joints
Research showing that the ingestion of collagen hydrolysate increases blood plasma levels of bioactive collagen peptides challenges the prevailing assumption that peptides are degraded into amino acids during digestion and absorption.

Giants of the past: David Firestone and Nicholas (Nick) Pelick
Inform remembers two legendary members of AOCS.

Surprising finding in Lipids has implications for omega-3 eggs and human nutrition
A recent study published in the AOCS journal Lipids sheds new light on the overall process by which dietary linolenic acid is absorbed, metabolized, and deposited into egg yolk.

Chemical composition and biological activity of Foeniculum vulgare oilseed
The chemical composition and biological activity of fennel oilseed are reviewed.


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