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September 2017
September 2017
Volume 28 (8)

Featured Articles

Clean label: the next generation
The clean label movement is growing in scope and magnitude with each passing year. Here’s what you need to know to keep pace.

How to choose drop-in replacements for active ingredients in existing liquid laundry detergent formulations
Understanding the effects of surfactant parameters can help formulators select the best option

Unraveling the power of microcellulosic fibers
The production of high-performance microcellulosic fiber material from sugar beet pulp shows how biorefining can turn a low-value side stream into a higher-end product.

Analyzing vitamin D and previtamin D in foods by UPLC-MS and PTAD derivatization
A new, direct method makes it possible to measure both previtamin D and vitamin D in foods.

Developmental programming of the autonomic nervous system: roles for nutrition and inflammation
Researchers examine the hypothesis that a mother’s inflammatory status during pregnancy could have a lifelong effect on her baby’s autonomic and cardiac health.

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