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April 2019

Table of Contents

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Fermentation, the new protein supply chain
Companies in many industries are leapfrogging over conventional manufacturing, and using the natural metabolic process of cells to make proteins more efficiently, and sustainably.

Esters of linear monounsaturated dicarboxylic acids for lubricants
Advancements in green chemistry and bio-based technologies give rise to new players among dibasic esters.

Prospective solutions for a trans-fat-free world: enzymatic glycerolysis
Researchers study an alternative oil-structuring method that has no effect on fatty acid composition, can be used to produce shortenings without hydrogenation or interesterification, and provides additional health benefits when used in place of a highly saturated shortening.

Cyclopropane fatty acids in foods
This article reviews the main sources and content of cyclopropane fatty acids, their use as a marker for protected destination origin cheeses, and their bioavailability in humans.