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January 2020

Table of Contents

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Omega-3s and the brain
Research has shown that omega-3s are crucial for neural and vision development during pregnancy and the first few years of life, but how or if omega-3s help with brain function as we age remains unclear. Could a new imaging technique reveal the answer?

Control of skin microbiota with fatty acids: rethinking the removal of “all” skin microorganisms
Fatty acids with selective activity against harmful microorganisms control skin microbiota by inhibiting bad germs and promoting good ones.

Understanding pulse anti-nutrients
Pulses have nutrition and health benefits, but raw pulses contain high levels of antinutrients. This article reviews four pulse antinutrients and the processes used to reduce them.

“Insects for Africa”: opportunities for insect production in East Africa
Scientists from the “City of Insects” assess the feasibility of producing insects for feed in East Africa.

Adhesive formed from bee spit and flower oil could form basis of new glues
The natural adhesive that helps pollen stick to the legs of bees becomes a model for bioinspired glue.

4-hydroxy-2-hexenal and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in vegetable oil: potential health concern
These toxic nonvolatile aldehydes have been found in many commercial vegetable oils and are readily incorporated into fried food. Learn about their molecular structure and the factors that cause them to form.