INFORM magazine and INFORM SmartBrief contain articles on the latest scientific advancements, business developments, and critical issues affecting oils, fats, and related materials.

INFORM magazine

Published 10 times a year, INFORM magazine provides comprehensive reviews and original articles on such topics as:

  • new analytical methods and technologies
  • processing technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability
  • health and nutrition
  • formulation science
  • critical business issues
  • and many other topics

Each issue includes patent abstracts compiled by a registered US patent agent, journal references assembled by a team of experts in a variety of areas, and coverage of regulatory issues from around the globe.

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September 2021

Table of Contents

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Gut instincts
This article unveils the latest information on what scientists have learned about the gut microbiome and short-chain fatty acids.

Ultra-low dioxane in ethoxy sulphate products
Technical solutions that can be used to reduce 1,4-dioxane in ethoxy sulphates are discussed in detail.

Silver ion chromatography for the analysis of trans-fatty acid isomers in humans
A new method for separating cis- and trans-fatty acid isomers has potential for determining comprehensive trans-fatty acid profiles in people.

Giants of the past: Robert C. Hastert (1924–2021)
AOCS remembers a former AOCS President and mentor who brought hands-on, practical experience in fats and oils to the industry and the Society.

Physicochemical characterization of licuri oil and ucuuba butter
This article looks at the physicochemical characterization of two fats from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

Phospholipid-containing films for improved drug release
Learn how oral films containing phospholipids have potential to improve the delivery of drugs with poor water solubility.


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