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Published 10 times a year, INFORM Magazine includes comprehensive reviews and short articles about research, new analytical methods and technologies, processing technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability, health and nutrition, formulation science, critical business issues, and many other topics.

Each issue also includes patent abstracts compiled by a registered US patent agent, journal references assembled by a team of experts in a variety of areas, and coverage of regulatory issues from around the globe.

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January 2021

Table of Contents

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The latest on liposomes
These lipid-based compounds not only deliver drugs to their intended targets; they also increase the effectiveness of beauty products and supplements, such as vitamins.

Extraction of phospholipids from dairy processing by-products
The filtration methods used to make commercial dairy phospholipids (PLs) concentrates from dairy waste do not separate polar and neutral lipids. Recent evaluations of a scalable method demonstrated that total lipids can be extracted and fractionated into neutral and polar lipid fractions using green solvents.

Determining protein and fat in plant-based foods
Learn how the fat and protein content of a wide variety of plant-based food samples can be determined with standard automated analytical methods.

Phospholipase for enzyme-assisted alkaline refining
New evidence shows that incorporating this enzyme directly into the alkaline refining process results in significantly higher yields and preserves the final oil quality from caustic refining.

Bio-based (edible) oils: feedstock for lubricants of the future
Enhanced environmental guidelines and regulations in the food-processing industry have created a need for bio-lubricants that are less toxic and more biodegradable.

Related Webinar: Phospholipase for Enzyme-assisted Alkaline Refining

When: January 27, 2021, from 9–10 a.m. CST (Chicago, USA; UTC-6)

This webinar expounds upon this month's article "Phospholipase for enzyme-assisted alkaline refining" written by Per Munk Nielsen.

Per Munk Nielsen, a senior scientist in the Novozymes Application Research department for vegetable oil processing in Denmark, and Mark Bolinger, responsible for Technical and Sales supporting enzyme applications within the vegetable oil processing industry in Novozymes North America, will discuss this important research and its practical applications. Matt Thompson, the Novozymes regional marketing manager for vegetable oil processing in North America, will moderate.

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