INFORM magazine and INFORM SmartBrief contain articles on the latest scientific advancements, business developments, and critical issues affecting oils, fats, and related materials.

INFORM magazine

Published 10 times a year, INFORM magazine provides comprehensive reviews and original articles on such topics as:

  • new analytical methods and technologies
  • processing technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability
  • health and nutrition
  • formulation science
  • critical business issues
  • and many other topics

Each issue includes patent abstracts compiled by a registered US patent agent, journal references assembled by a team of experts in a variety of areas, and coverage of regulatory issues from around the globe.

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May 2021

Table of Contents

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The latest additions to eco-friendly cleaning
Protein additives, probiotics, and microbially produced palm oil are just some of the unconventional innovations companies are developing to reduce cleaning’s footprint.

Advancements and further research trends for microbial biosurfactants in the petroleum industry
This article highlights some recent studies of the effectiveness of biosurfactants applied to various aspects of the petroleum industry.

Why does lipid oxidation in foods continue to be such a challenge?
Control of lipid oxidation is difficult due to the multitude of different factors impacting its chemistry. Understanding the interactions between the factors impacting lipid oxidation reactions remains key to developing novel antioxidant strategies.

AOCS 2021 award recipients
AOCS recognizes individual and company achievements that advance the science and technology of oils, fats, proteins, surfactants, and related materials.

INFORM Smartbrief

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