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June 2020

Table of Contents

INFORM coverManaging your career in times of change
Experts share advice on how to keep your career goals while maintaining flexibility in times of uncertainty.

Foodomics: a good way to study the effects of extraction methods on the composition and nutrition of peanut oil
Foodomics uncovers the strong associations between specific metabolic alterations and peanut oil trace components.

Toward circular economy by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane: from slaughterhouse blood to natural meat preservative
Food scientists develop an industrial-scale process that can be used to produce antimicrobial/antioxidant peptides from slaughterhouse blood waste.

Improving oil production in plants and microalgae by engineering performance-enhanced diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1
This article reviews recent efforts to engineer performance-enhanced DGAT1 as a way to boost oil production in oleaginous organisms.

Characteristics and processing challenges of camel milk cream
The chemical composition, physical, and nutritional properties of camel milk fat—and butter made from it—are compared with those of cow milk fat.

Use of high-pressure processing (HPP) as an alternative method to standard raw milk processing
Alternative cold pasteurization inactivates pathogens in raw milk, extends shelf life, and preserves milk's natural nutritional and sensory properties.