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February 2020

Table of Contents

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Nurturing innovation: how AOCS industries are fostering progress
Companies are now expected to evolve continually, but how do you assure a flow of effective ingenuity? Learn about successful methods companies use to initiate and support innovation.

The development of 92% oleic safflower oil
It took more than a decade of research and agronomic trials to develop, but early this year, the first commercial-scale quantities of super high-oleic safflower oil will become available in targeted markets, where it’s oxidative stability and other unique properties offer a competitive advantage in a wide range of applications.

Crystallization clarified
Researchers use computer modeling and an imaging technique called liquid-phase electron microscopy to observe and simulate the self-assembly of crystalline materials at a much higher resolution than before. Could this technological advance give us a front-row seat to the formation of fat crystal networks?

AOCS member writes book about food science for non-scientists
A new book for non-scientists explores the rapid scientific and technological advances that are transforming the way foods are produced and consumed.

Total, neutral, and polar lipids of brewing ingredients, by-products and beer: evaluation of antithrombotic activities
The raw materials used in beer production contain bioactive lipids, including polar lipids with antithrombitic properties. Learn about the fatty acid composition and properties of lipids at various stages of the brewing process.

Little-known protein appears to play an important role in obesity and metabolic disease
Scientists solve the mystery of how the toxic iron-containing molecule, heme, moves within living cells without damaging them.