Rich in Publishing History

AOCS has been developing publications in many forms since its establishment in 1909.  In just the last 25 years, an average of 200 scientists each year have authored or co-authored chapters in over 140 AOCS Press book titles.


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In 2015, AOCS Press and Elsevier formed a publishing alliance for food science and chemistry content, supporting the research of those working in lipid science and technology, fats and oils chemistry, and food and nutrition. Elsevier publishes new AOCS Press books under the Academic Press and AOCS imprint, taking advantage of ScienceDirect and other global distribution channels to reach a broader set of researchers in academia, industry, and government.

Choose Academic Press and AOCS Press

AOCS is interested in working with you on the following types of publications:

  • Monographs on specific topics
  • Student textbooks explaining principles and their application
  • Broad-based handbooks
  • Short (40-150 pages) publications that are published within five (5) weeks of receipt of an acceptable manuscript

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  • Books are associated with Academic Press, a prestigious and highlyregarded name in the science and technology publishing field
  • Global distribution on Science Direct and other distribution sites like EBSCO, eBrary, and Knovel.
  • Books are developed and sold in all common formats including print, epub and more.
  • Worldwide recognition as an expert in the field and as a leader in AOCS, the leading global society for advancing the science and technology of fats and oils.
  • 30% discount on copies of the book; and a free eBook copy.
  • Collaboration with other scientists from around the world.
  • Elsevier's Electronic Manuscript Submission System (EMSS): a manuscript submission website that streamlines the pre-production stage, simplifying submissions and communication between authors and editors.

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We encourage you to get in touch with Janet Brown Content Director, regarding your interest in publishing with AOCS.