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From helping to manage aflatoxin risk with analytical methods to navigating the future of the fabric and come care industry, AOCS and its members work together to advance the science and technology of oils, fats, proteins, surfactants and related materials.

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Discover the stories of how AOCS members have grown personally and professionally from volunteering in the Society, and how AOCS recognizes the scientific and volunteer contributions of members through its Awards.

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What are pulses

Pulses are high-protein, nitrogen-fixing crops that are also a highly nutritious food in diets and improve the environmental sustainability of farming operations. AOCS is working to advance the science and technology of these important plant proteins.

Coconut oil

Explore the science of saturated fat, animal fat and coconut oil.

Managing aflatoxin risk

AOCS provides analytical methods and a Lab Proficiency Program that can help buyers and sellers cost-effectively prevent aflatoxin contamination in their products.

AOCS lab program

Learn how the AOCS Lab Proficiency Program has helped two chemists build customer confidence.