Young Professional Common Interest Group

The Young Professional CIG provides newcomers to the industry with the resources and connections they need to advance in their careers. If you are a recent graduate stepping into a new career position, this CIG is designed to help you make the transition from student to professional.

Bridging the gap between young professionals and established professionals. This group provides you with connections who can offer advice and support in your early career while making connections to develop your professional network.  Any member (non-student) within 7 years of receiving their highest post-secondary degree can be a  member of this group.

Participants of this group must

  • be a member of AOCS for less than 10 years,
  • be an Active (individual) AOCS Member, and
  • be 34 years of age or younger.

Special Dues Rate
As an additional bonus for joining AOCS as a young professional, we offer a Student to Professional Transition dues structure.
Contact Janet Brown at +1 217-693-4897 for more information on this special program.
1st year post graduation FREE

AOCS Young Professional in Focus

Megan HumsMegan Hums
Sustainable Biofuels and Co-products Research
Research Chemical Engineer

Learn more about Megan's involvment in AOCS.

Annual Meeting Sessions

YPCIG reception

We organize sessions during the AOCS Annual Meeting which focus primarily on professional development. Below is an example of the last session held by the CIG. If you have ideas for a session the Young Professional CIG should plan, let us let us know!

2018–Bridging the Gaps in a Diverse Workplace Developed by an enthusiastic and persistent group of Young Professional CIG members, this well-attended Hot Topic session featured five presenters who addressed the many aspects of diversity and inclusion. The topics ranged from breaking barriers in a new role; promoting change from top-down or bottom-up; and finding work/life balance in two-income households particularly as young professionals struggle to launch both their careers and their families.


Awards - AOCS offers awards for emerging professionals. Please view each specific award webpage for nomination requirements and deadlines.

  • Young Professional Research Award (sponsored by International Research Centre)
  • Timothy Mounts Award (sponsored by Bunge North America)
  • Journal Article Awards
  • Poster competitions

Career Services - remember to post your résumé to the AOCS Career Services site, free of charge. While there, you can browse the current listing of job openings.

Volunteer Opportunities

AOCS offers many ways for young professionals to get involved. If you are interested in volunteering with the CIG, we'd love your help!

  • To help with our bi-annual newsletter, contact Megan Hums 
  • If you would like to help plan our Annual Meeting networking activities, contact Chelsey
  • Finally, if you would like to join the leadership team, and help guide the future direction of our the Young Professional CIG, contact Leann Barden or Orayne Mullings.

These are just a few opportunities to get involved within the Young Professionals group. Have an idea or activity you feel the group should offer?  Please let us know.

Leadership Team

Leann Barden, Co-Leader, Chicago Bar LLC, dba RXBAR, USA
Orayne Mullings, Co-Leader, Desmet Ballestra, USA

Chelsey Castrodale
David Johnson
Katy Revels
Tanu Tokle