Student Common Interest Group

The Student CIG provides educational resources, extracurricular learning opportunities, and networking events, all designed to enhance a student’s academic experience. Become a student member today and learn what AOCS can do for you.

Get Involved

Being a part of the Student Common Interest Group (SCIG) leadership team brings you closer to the inner workings of the AOCS community. It is a platform to build your committee and leadership skills. Leadership roles in professional societies, such as AOCS, also prepare students for award opportunities, including these AOCS student awards - an important part of a student's academic career and of scientific societies. 

FREE  Benefits Include:

  • access to INFORM-digital edition
  • subscription to INFORM Smartbrief - weekly update of the industry's top news stories
  • membership in any of AOCS' 10 Divisions, each one covering a unique technical interest area
  • AOCS membership the first year after graduation

student common interest group

Ways to Get Involved

Membership in the Student CIG provides numerous opportunities for you to get further involved in AOCS.

The SCIG's direction and activities are completely student led, so we need your help!

  • If you would like to contribute to the SCIG's newsletter, contact Elisa Di Stefano and Bingjing Zheng
  • To assist in the planning of the SCIG's activities during the AOCS Annual Meeting and throughout the year, contact Yunbing Tan
  • Equip soon-to-be-graduates with resources to make you a more highly valued prospect for getting a job in industry, academia or government. Contact Yang Lan and Hualu Zhou
  • Check out the SCIG community page on inform|connect, and start a conversation with your fellow student members!

Have an idea or activity you feel the group should offer? Please let us know!

Student Resources

Student Awards - AOCS hosts many awards which are specifically designed to honor the achievements of our students, and provide them with resources to complete their education. Please review each specific award webpage for application procedures and deadlines. 

University Research Programs (.pdf) - Listing of universities with information on their department areas of research and specialization.

Student CIG Annual Meeting Activities

Each year the Student CIG plans several activities of interest for students during the AOCS Annual Meeting. These often consist of a speed networking event, a networking reception, a mentoring luncheon, and a session covering a topic of unique interest to student members.

Leadership Team
  • Chair: Hongbing Fan, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Vice Chair: Yunbing Tan, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA
  • Communications: Bingjing Zheng, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA
  • Education/Career Development: Yang Lan, North Dakota State University, USA; Hualu Zhou, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA