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University of Illinois PMCA Soybean Innovation Lab

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Held prior to this year's annual meeting in Montréal, AOCS is offering two in-person short courses: Lipid Oxidation in Foods, and Edible Fats & Oils Refining.

A selection of lipids

Lipid Oxidation in Foods

April 28, 2024

Course Description

This course reviews the challenges posed by lipid oxidation in food systems and technologies that can help control these detrimental reactions to decrease food waste and increase food safety.

Edible oils being refined

Edible Fats & Oils Refining

April 27 – April 28, 2024

Course Description

Gain a comprehensive understanding of edible fats and oils refining in this 2-day short course. Learn practical applications to make informed decisions in your plant operations from leading industry experts.

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Courses On Demand

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Lipids in Personal Care & Cosmetics

This course provides a detailed look into the roles that plant-based lipids play in personal care and cosmetic formulation.

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Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE)

Learn basic DOE concepts, best practices, and how to apply these when submitting research papers for review.

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Chocolate Science & Processing

This online course discusses the process and science of chocolate manufacturing from bean to bar.

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High Oleic Oils: Properties & Uses

Learn how high oleic oils are replacing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in various food and nonfood uses.

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Fundamentals of Soap Technology

Get a comprehensive overview of soap history, composition, processing, manufacturing, applications, and trends.

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Plant-Based Lipids in Personal Care

This course will provide an overview of non-triglyceride plant lipids and their uses in personal care products.

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Fundamentals of Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Fats & Oils

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Design of Lamellar Gel Network Emulsions for Personal Care & Cosmetics

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Formulations in Personal Care & Cosmetics Bundle

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