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October 2013 Table of Contents- inform - Membership - AOCS

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October 2013

Silent partners: implications of the human microbiome
The bacteria in our bodies outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. These silent partners contribute to many aspects of our physiology, but scientists are only beginning to understand how these microbial communities, collectively known as the microbiome, interact with our environment and what the implications might be.

Special report on aqueous oil extraction
Olive, palm, and avocado oil can all be produced via aqueous extraction, but applying this hexane-free technology to oilseeds is more difficult due to their high protein content. Read how recent advances are making it increasingly possible to apply this green technology to other commodity oils.

2012–2013 AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program winners

A simple and efficient one-step method for the extraction of lipid-soluble compounds from tissue and food
A simple and efficient one-step method for extracting cholesterol and fatty acids—which requires no pipetting, no centrifugation, and no mixing of standards and solvents—also increases analytical precision while reducing the time required to perform the separation technique.

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