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November/December 2012 Table of Contents- inform - Membership - AOCS

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November/December 2012

Letter from the president

A novel green catalytic process for biodiesel production from jatropha
Learn how biodiesel could be produced from crude jatropha oil on an industrial scale by using an environmentally green direct single-step heterogeneous-catalyzed process.

Safety without suffering: advances in animal-free toxicity testing
Many countries, government agencies, and international bodies have committed to finding alternatives to animal testing, but eliminating such testing without compromising product safety remains a challenge for the personal care industry.

“Super phos” esters: the key to higher-performance products
Robert L. Reierson, winner of the 2012 AOCS Samuel Rosen Memorial Award recognizing accomplishments in surfactant chemistry, describes how phosphation techniques make it possible to systematically adjust and design products to deliver maximum performance, achieve competitive advantage, and even gain patent protection.

Tiger in the tank: Animal fats reduce carbon footprint
Did you know that biodiesel produced from animal fats has a better impact on greenhouse gas emissions than vegetable oil? The technical director of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association examines the challenges posed by processing this feedstock, as well as different national interpretations of European regulations.

Making the most of algal biomass with pyrolysis
With catalytic pyrolysis conversion, every component of algal biomass can be used to produce fuels and chemicals. Researchers at Iowa State University examine the commercial feasibility of the process for using algal biomass.

The America Invents Act: Groundbreaking US patent law changes are here
The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act affects nearly every facet of patent law as we know it. Find out how these changes could affect your industry.

US regulation of dietary supplements
The senior research director of Natural and Medicinal Products Research and chief executive officer at AIBMR Life Sciences reviews current US regulations for dietary supplements and the effect they have had and will continue to have on the industry.

Science in the media: explaining science to nonscientists
A novel writing exercise teaches graduate students how to explain science to nonscientists.

The growth of biobased metalworking fluids
To keep up with the growing demand for metalworking fluids (MWF) made from renewable resources, formulators are developing biobased products that, in many cases, perform as well as or better than conventional MWF at a comparable price.

2013 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo: springtime in Montréal
The 104th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Get ready to enjoy the city’s centuries-old charm, freewheeling spirit, culture of cool, and more than 6,000 gastronomic venues.

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