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Professional Educators’ Common Interest Group

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Providing a venue for those involved in education and training to promote teaching excellence in lipid science and oil technology.

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Professional Educators’ CIG Leadership Team

Doug Hayes, University of Tennessee, USA
Randy Weselake, University of Alberta, Canada
Past chair:  Andy Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA
Newsletter Editor:  Nuria Acevedo, Iowa State University, USA
Michael Eskin, University of Manitoba, Canada
Silvana Martini, Utah State University, USA
Eric Murphy, University of North Dakota, USA 
Amanda Wright, University of Guelph, Canada

Annual Meeting Sessions

We organize sessions as an opportunity to stimulate our thinking and exchange ideas on best practices for instruction. Contact Doug Hayes for session development. Here’s a sample of what we have offered:

2014 – Lipid Communication Strategies to Various Audiences
A unique opportunity to gain knowledge and discuss significant matters related to the challenge of communicating science.

2013 – Effective Use of Statistics in Lipids Teaching and Research
The session covered various topics, from basic experimental design and use of statistics to statistical means in sensory evaluation, clinical studies, genomics, and engineering teaching and research. Sensory science has been a neglected topic but it is an increasingly important area of research and application.

2012 – Teaching Lipids, Physics, and Engineering  
In the session, the physical-chemical complexity of lipids was discussed, and teaching techniques were illustrated by means of practical examples.

2011 - Tough Topics to Teach
How do you address certain lipid topics that pose instructional problems? These problems may be due to a lack of clear information, ambiguous information, or an abundance of information that needs to be focused on relevant issues. Academics and industry professionals heard from speakers who have a record of teaching excellence and established research experience with each topic of interest.  

2010 - Challenges and Opportunities in Lipids and Oil/Fats Education and Curriculum Development
Development of lipid and oils/fats learning strategies is becoming increasingly important in preparing students for careers in industry, government and academia. This symposium explored the challenges and opportunities in developing educational approaches from the point of view of faculty, students, industry and international education.

Along with our poster sessions that highlight strategies used by AOCS members to teach aspects of lipid science in university and industrial settings.

Have a topic you feel the group should offer?  Please let us know.


This webpage hosts a variety of teaching materials which we hope will be of use to both veteran teachers and novice instructors. We also have a database of universities with lipid chemistry and oil/fats technology courses.

Career Services – remember to post your résumé to the AOCS Career Services site, free of charge. While there you can browse the current listing of job openings.


Twice a year the Professional Educators’ CIG publishes a newsletter. Each newsletter the leadership teams addresses current activities, along with providing current funding and award opportunities for graduate students. Have something you would like to share in the newsletter, contact Nuria Acevedo.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Have an idea or activity you feel the group should offer? Please let us know.  You will be contacted on an as needed basis.