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Member Get a Member Program 

Help AOCS Grow

Broadening our membership and the community we serve allows new opportunities for interaction and future business ventures.
This is your Society – extend the advantage.


Why Recruit?
Advance a colleague’s career – AOCS connects them to a world of resources to succeed today and into the future. Participation in the Society provides the necessary connections to advance their careers and contribute to the scientific community.

  • Direct your colleagues to apply online
    To receive credit for your new recruit please ask him/her to include your name in the comments box of the “Recruiter Name” section of the application and enter the current date in the “start date” box.


  • Print out an application (.pdf) and give it to your recruit to complete and return to us.
    Be sure to include your name on the application.


Join the elite!
Be a part of the President’s Club – AOCS members who support the future and goals of the Society through membership recruitment.

  • $25 AOCS gift certificate
    When you recruit a new full, dues-paying Individual Member
  • FREE gift
    When you recruit a new student member

Grow–Tips for Successful Recruiting

Who should you recruit? Give Gain Grow
• Work colleagues, friends, and associates who have an interest in your field
• Friends interested in AOCS
• Professionals you meet at industry conferences
• New professionals just beginning their careers
• Students studying in your field

Know what makes joining AOCS a valuable experience:
• Access to a world of timely resources
• The opportunity to network with fellow professionals and industry thought leaders
• Leadership opportunities
• Unique recognition
• Money-saving benefits (
• __________________ (Your reason for joining here)

Spread your own enthusiasm:
Share your personal testimony and experiences with your colleagues! As an AOCS member, you have experienced the value of AOCS membership, and your endorsement of the Society is your most effective and powerful recruitment tool.

Explain to prospective recruits how to join:
Send them to and have them fill out the application online or print a PDF version to fax or mail to AOCS. Remind them to fill your name in the “encouraged by” section of the application.

Contact your recruit to see if they have joined and answer any questions they may have. Consider sending them a thank you note or email for considering AOCS membership. Invite them to contact us at AOCS if they have any questions you can’t answer.

Doreen Berning, Membership Registrar
Nicole Philyaw, Membership Marketing