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Honored Student Award 

Encouraging graduate student research in lipid chemistry and greater interest in the AOCS Society.

Sponsored by the AOCS Foundation.


  • Must remain a registered graduate student.
  • Must not have received a graduate degree or begun career employment prior to May 2016


  • Certificate

Application Requirements

Award material must be submitted using the forms downloadable from this web page and consist of the completed application, abstract tracking number and title, professor ranking form, and professor letter of recommendation.

Student provides:

  • Application (.doc), including abstract tracking number and title
  • Abstract – submitted through AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo meeting website

Professor provides:

  • Ranking Form (.doc)
  • Letter of nomination giving frank appraisal of the student

Send all documents to by November 2 as PDF files.

Please note:

  • Student Award program abstract submission deadline is November 2 which is the same as the meeting’s technical program deadline.
  • Students may submit one abstract for the Honored Student, Ralph Potts Memorial Fellowship, and one Division student award. It is necessary to submit a new, unique abstract for any additional Division student award.
  • Professors are limited to nominating one student for the Honored Student award. There are no nomination limits on all other student awards.
  • PDF’s must be created entirely from existing Word documents, rather than created from a scanner. This improves clarity of the document.