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Analytical Division Poster Competition 

Created to stimulate additional interest in the submission of quality poster presentations at the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.


All poster abstracts submitted and selected for the Analytical Division Poster session are eligible for the competition.

Application Procedure

Please submit a poster abstract through AOCS Annual Meeting website.


  • Certificate for recipient(s)
  • Cash prize:
    • $300 (non-student)
    • Student posters: $150 (1st place), $150 (2nd place)

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2015 Recipients

Best Overall

Rosario Costa, University of Messina, Italy
Detailed Characterization of the Unsaponifiable Fraction of Milk and Human Plasma Lipids by Using Enhanced Peak Capacity Chromatography and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

Student Posters

1st place
Gabriela Deschamps Fernandes, University of Campinas, Brazil
Chemical Characterization of Monovarietal Avocado Oils.

2nd place
Junya Ito, Tohoku University, Japan
Direct Separation of the Diastereomers of Phosphatidylcholine Hydroperoxide Bearing 13-hydroperozy-9Z,11E-octadecadienoic Acid Using Chiral Stationary Phase HPLC.