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Analytical Division

Common (non-systematic) Names for Fatty Acids

List prepared by R. O. Adlof and F. D. Gunstone
 Man with Test Tube

The authors have done their best to minimize errors. To report errors or suggest additions contact Rich Adlof or AOCS.

This table is not copyrighted and may be downloaded. The authors would prefer that this location be referenced.


Common name (acid) Structure Source
Acetic 2:0 Platelet activating factor
Acetonic 2-OH, 2-Me 3:0 Flax
Acrylic 2e-3:1 Nnc
Adipic 6:0 di-acid Nnc
Adrenic 7c10c13c16c-22:4 Adrenal lipids
Agonandoic 9a11t-18:2 Santalum acuminatum
Agonandric 8-OH, 9c11t-18:2 Agonandra, Iodina
Ajenoic 3c5c7c9c11e-12:5 Llaveia axia
Alchornoic cis-14,15-ep 11c-20:1 Alchornia cordifolia
Alepraic See Alepramic -
Alepramic 3-Cp 3:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Aleprestic 5-Cp 5:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Alepric 9-Cp 9:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Aleprolic 1-Cp 1:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Aleprylic 7-Cp 7:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Aleuritic 9,10,16-triOH 16:0 Shellac
Aleutiric 9,10,18-triOH 18:0 Cork, Olea, Agave
Alvaradoic 6a17e-18:2 Alvaradoa amorphoides
Alvaradonic 8a17e-18:2 Alvaradoa amorphoides
Ambrettolic 16-OH 7c-16:1 Muskmelon seed oil
Anacyclic 2t4t8a10a-14:4 -
Angelic (2Z)-2-Me 4:1 Angelica archangelica
Anteisoheptadecanoic 14Me 16:0 Animal fats
Anteisononadecanoic 16Me 18:0 Animal fats
Anteisopentadecanoic 12Me 14:0 Animal fats
Anteisotridecanoic 10Me 12:0 Animal fats
Aquilegic See Columbinic -
Arachidic 20:0 Groundnut (peanut) oil
Arachidonic 5c8c11c14c-20:4 Animal phospholipids
Argemonic See Argenonic  
Argenonic 6-OH 6-Me, 9-oxo-28:0 Papaveraceae
Artemesic See Coriolic -
Asclepic 11c-18:1 Asclepia oils
Ascorbic Vitamin C -
Athanacalvic 9-OH 9t16c12a14a-18:4 Athanasia calva
Auricolic 14-OH 11c17c-20:2 Lesquerella auriculata
Avenoleic 15(R)-OH 9c12c-18:2 -
Axillarenic (Axillaric) 11,13-di OH, 9c-24:1 Euphorbiaceae
Azelaic 9:0 di-acid Nnc
Behenic 22:0 Lophira alata
Behenolic 13a-22:0 Nnc
Bishomocolumbinic 7c11c14t-20:3 -
Bishomopinolenic 7c11c14c-20:3 -
Bolekic 9a11a13c-18:3 Isano oil
Bosseopentaenoic 5c8c10t12t14c-20:5 Bossiella orbigniana
Brassidic 13t-22:1 trans form of erucic acid
Brassylic 13:0 di-acid Nnc
Buiolic (jalapinolic) 11-OH 16:0 -
Butolic 6-OH 14:0 Shellac
Butyric 4:0 Milk fats
Caleic 3t9t12c-18:3 Compositae, Aster, Artium
Calendic (α) 8t10t12c-18:3 Calendula officinalis
Calendic (β) 8t10t12t-18:3 trans form of α-calendic acid
Calendulic See Calendic (α) -
Callosobruchusic 3,7-di-Me,2c-8:1 di-acid Callosobruchus chinensis
Calthic See Podocarpic -
Capric 10:0 Lauric oils
Caproic 6:0 Milk fats
Caproleic 9c-10:1 Milk fats
Capronic See Caproic -
Caprylic 8:0 Lauric oils
Carboceric 27:0 Malus domestica
Carnaubic See Lignoceric -
Cascarillic 3,4-Mt-10:0 Croton eluteria L. bark
Catalpic 9t11t13c-18:3 Catalpa ovata
Cerebronic 2-OH 24:0 Cerebrosides
Ceromelissic See Psyllic -
Ceroplastic 35:0 Nnc
Cerotic 26:0 Waxes, Chrysanthemum, Cucurbita, Aster
Cervonic See DHA -
Cetelaidic 11t-22:1 Hydrogenated fish oils
Cetoleic 11c-22:1 Fish oils
Chaulmoogric 13-Cp 13:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Chrysobalanic 4-oxo 9c11t13t15c-18:4 Chrysobalanus icaco
Cilienic 6,11c-18:2 -
cis-Vaccenic See Asclepic -
Citraconic (Z)-2-Me 4:1 di-acid -
Citronnelic See Rhodinic -
Civetic 8t-17:1 di-acid -
CLA Conjugated 18:2 isomers Ruminant fats
Clupadonic See DPA -
Clupanodonic 4c8c12c15c19c-20:5c Fish oils
Colneleic 9-oxa-8t10t12c-18:3 Enzymic oxidation of linoleic acid
Colnelenic 9-oxa-8t10t12c15c-18:4 Enzymic oxidation of linolenic acid
Columbinic 5t9c12c-18:3 Aquilegia vulgaris
Coniferonic 5c9c12c15c-18:4 Conifer
Convolvulinolic (1 of 3) 3,12-diOH-16:0 -
Convolvulinolic (2 of 3) 11-OH 15:0 Ipomea oils
Convolvulinolic (3 of 3) 11-OH 14:0 Ipomea oils
Coriolic 13-OH 9c11t-18:2 Xeranthemum annuum
Coronaric cis-9,10-ep 12c-18:1 Chrysanthemum coronarium
Couepic See Licanic Couepia grandiflora
Couepinic (Coupenic) See Licanic (a) Licania parinarium
Crepenynic (Crepeninic) 9c12a-18:2 Crepis and Afzelia oils
Crotonic 2t-4:1 Angelica roots
Daturic (Daturinic) See Margaric Animal fats
Dehydrocrepenyic 9c12a14c-18:3 Afzelia
Demospongic C24-C34 5c9c-diene acids Sponges
Dendrotrifidic 16-OH, 9c12a14a17e-18:4 Dendropanax trifidus
Dendryphiellic 6-Me 2c4c-8:2 Dendryphyiella salina
Densipolic 12(R)-OH 9c15c-18:2 Lesquerella densipila
Denticetic 5c-12:1 Lauraceae
DHA 4c7c10c13c16c19c-22:6 Fish oils, Sesbania, Quercus, Diospyros
Dicramin 6a9c12c15c-18:4 Dicramium scoparium
Dihomogammalinolenic 8c11c14c-20:3 Animal phospholipids
Dihomolinoleic 11c14c-20:2 -
Dihomolinolenic 11c14c17c-20:3 Animal fats
Dihomo Mead's acid 7c10c13c-22:3 -
Dihomopinolenic 7c11c14c-20:3 Pinacae family
Dihomotaxoleic 7c11c-20:2 Taxus spp.
Dihydrofulgidic 9S,12S,13S-tri-OH 10t-18:1 -
Dihydromalvalic 8,9-P-18:0 -
Dihydromalyngic 9S,12R,13S-tri-OH 10t-18:1 Malvaceae
Dihydroxystearic 9,10-diOH 18:0 -
α-Dimorphecolic 9-OH,10t12c-18:2 Dimorphecolic pluvialis
β-Dimorphecolic 9-OH,10t12t-18:2 Dimorphecolic pluvialis
DPA 7c10c13c16c19c-22:5 Fish oils
Elaidic 9t-18:1 Trans isomer of oleic acid
Elaidolinolenic See Linolenelaidic -
EPA 5c8c11c14c17c-20:5 Fish oils
Eleostearic (α) 9c11t13t-18:3 Momordica charantia**, Euphorbiaceae
Eleostearic (β) 9t11t13t-18:3 Tung oil
Eleostearinic See Eleostearic (a) -
Enanthic (enanthoic) 7:0 Albae, Cucurbitaceae
Ephedrenic 5c11c-18:2 Ephedra
Ephedric See Ephedrenic -
Equisetolic 30:0 di-acid Equisetum telmateia spores
Eranthic 5c13c16c-22:3 Ranunculaceae
Erucic 13c-22:1 Cruciferae seed oils
Erythrogenic See Isanic -
D-Erythronic 2R,3R,4 tri-OH 4:0 -
L-Erythronic 2S,3S,4 tri-OH 4:0  
Exocarpic 9a11a13t-18:3 Isano oil
Farnesenic 3,7,11-tri-Me 2,6,10-15:3 Juvenile hormone; all isomers known
Farnesic See Farnesenic  
Farnesolic See Farnesenic  
Farnesylic See Farnesenic  
Floionolic See Phloionolic acid -
Fomentic 2-Me 3,3-di-18:0 4:0 di-acid Fomes fomentarius
Fuconic 2,3,4,5-tetraOH 6:0 Sugar derivative, many stereochemistries.
Fulgidic 9R,12R,13R tri-OH 10t,15c-18:2 Rudbeckia fulgida
Fumaric 2t-4:1 di-acid Fumaria officianalis (in many plants)
Furocarpic 9,12-ep, 9t12t-18:2 Exocarpus cupressiformis
Gadelaidic 9t-20:1 Trans form of gadoleic acid
Gadoleic 9c-20:1 Fish oils
Gaidic 2t-16:1 -
Galactaric See Fuconic -
Gamma Linolenic See GLA -
Gamolenic See GLA -
Geddic 34:0 -
Geranic 3,7-di-Me 2t6e-8:2 Daphne flowers, Rodgersia podophylla
Gheddic 34:0 -
GLA 6c9c12c-18:3 Evening primrose, borage, etc
Glutamic 2-NH2 5:0 di-acid Bacterial cell peptidolipids
Glutaric 5:0 di-acid Nnc
Glycolic 2-OH 2:0 -
Gondoic 11c-20:1 Fish oils
Gondoleic* 9c-20:1 -
Gorlic 13-Cp 6c-13:1 Flacourticeae oils
Goshuyic 5c8c-18:2 Rutaceae
Halphenic See Malvalic -
Helenynolic 9-OH 10t12a-18:2 Helychrysum bracteatum
Hendecenoic See Undecylenic -
Hiragonic 6c10c14c-16:3 Fish oils
Homotoluic PhCH2CH2COOH Tail gland, red deer
Hormelic 15-Cp 15:1 Flacourticeae oils
Hydnocarpic 11-Cp 11:0 Flacourticeae oils
Hydrosorbic* 3t-16:1 di-acid -
11-Hydroxyceromelissic 11-OH 33:0 Argemone mexicana
Hydroxynervonic 2-OH 15c-24:1 Sphingolipids
Hyenic 25:0 -
Iponic See Sebacic -
Ipurolic 3,11-diOH 14:0 Ipomoca oils
Isanic 9a11a17e-18:3 Isano oil
Isanolic 8-OH 9a11a17e-18:3 Isano oil
Isoarachidic 18-Me 19:0 -
Isobutyric 2-Me 3:0 -
Isocapric 8-Me 9:0 -
Isocaproic 4-Me 5:0 -
Isocerotic 24-Me 25:0 -
Isocrotonic 2c-4:1 -
Isogorlic 4c,2-Cp-18:2 -
Isoheptadecanoic 15-Me-16:0 -
Isolauric 10-Me-11:0 -
Isoleucic 2R-Me, 3R-OH 6:0 Turkish tobacco leaves
Isolinolenic See Columbinic -
Isomargaric 15-Me 16:0 -
Isomontanic 26-Me-27:0 -
Isomycomycin* 3c5c7a9a11a-13:5 -
Isomyristic 12-Me 13:0 -
Isononadecanoic 17-Me 18:0 -
Isooctadecanoic i-18:0; 16Me-17:0  
Isooleic 10c-18:0 Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
Isopalmitic 14-Me 15:0 -
Isopentadecanoic 13-Me 14:0 -
Isoricinoleic 9-OH,12c-18:1 Wrightia
Isostearic 16-Me 17:0 -
Isotridecanoic 11-Me 12:0 -
Isovaleric 3-Me 4:0 Porpoise, dolphin
Ixoric 8c10c12c14t-18:4 Ixora chinensis
Jacaric 8c10t12c-18:3 Jacaranda mimosifolia
Jalapinolic 11-OH 16:0 Jalap resin
Japanic 21:0 di-acid -
Juniperic 16-OH 16:0 Conifer waxes
Juniperinic 16-OH 16:0 Conifer waxes
Juniperonic 5c11c14c17c-20:4 Conifer waxes
Kamlolenic (α) 18-OH 9c11t13t-18:3 Kamala oil
Kamlolenic (β) 18-OH 9t11t13t-18:3 Kamala oil
Kerrolic* 4-OH 16:0 Shellac
Keteleeronic 5c11c-20:2 Gymnosperm sp.
Labellenic 5e,6e-18:2 (R)-form Leonotis seed oil
Lacceric 32:0 Stick lac wax
Lacceroic See Lacceric Stick lac wax
Lactaric See Stearic -
Lactarinic 6-oxo 18:0 Lactarius rufus
Laetisaric 8-OH, 9c12c-18:2 Aspergillus nidulans
Lanoceric di-OH 30:0 -
Lamenallenic 5c,6c-18:2 Laminum purpureum oil
Lactobacillic 11,12-Mt 18:0 Micro-organisms
Lauric 12:0 Lauric oils
Lauroleic 9c-12:1 Lauraceae
Leptomeric See Pyrulic -
Lesquerolic 14-OH 11c-20:1 Lesquerella spp.
Leucic 2-OH, 4-Me 5:0 Turkish tobacco leaves
Levulic See Levulinic -
Levulinic 4-oxo-5:0 -
Licanic (α) 4-oxo 9c11t13t-18:3 Licania rigida
Licanic (β) 4-oxo 9t11t13t-18:3 Trans-form of α-licanic acid
Lignoceric 24:0 Waxes
Linderic 4c-12:1 Lindera obtusiloba
Linelaidic 9t12t-18:2 All-trans form of linoleic acid
Linoleic 9c12c-18:2 All seed oils
Linolenelaidic 9t12t15t-18:3 All-trans form of linolenic acid
Linolenic 9c12c15c-18:3 Linseed
γ-Linolenic See GLA  
Linolic See Linoleic -
Lumequeic See Lumequic -
Lumequic 21c-30:1 Ximenia spp.
Linusic 9,10,12,13,15,16-hexaOH 18:0 From linolenic acid
Lycaonic 12-oxo-18:0 -
Lycopodic 11t-16:1 -
Maleic 2c-4:1 di-acid -
DL-Malic 2-OH 4:0 di-acid Hibiscus sabdariffa
Malonic 3:0 di-acid -
Malvalic 8,9-P 8c-18:1 Cottonseed oil
Malvalinic See Malvalic -
Malvic See Malvalic -
Malyngic 9S,12R,13S tri-OH 10t,15c-18:2  
Manaoic/manoaic 11-Cp 6c-11:0 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Mangold's acid 9t11t-18:2 -
Margaric 17:0 Animal fats
Margarolic See Eleostearic (a) -
Matricaria acid 2t4a6a8t-10:4 -
Z,E-Matricaric 2c4a6a8t-10:4 Erigeron philadelphicus
Mead's acid 5c8c11c-20:3 Metabolite of oleic acid
Megatomic (megatomoic) 3t5c-14:2 Black carpet beetle pheromone
Mesaconic (E)-2-Me-4:1 di-acid -
Melissic 30:0 Bayberry
Micolipodienoic See Mycolipenic  
Mikusch's acid 10t12t-18:2 Chilopsis linearis
Minquartynoic 17-OH-9a11a13a15a-18:4 Minquartia guianensis bark
Montanic 28:0 Waxes (I.e., carnuba)
Moroctic See Stearidonic -
Mucic See Fuconic -
Mycinonic 4-Me, 5-OH 2t-7:1 Micromonospora griseorubida
Mycoceranic 2,4,6-tri-Me 26:0 Tubercle bacilli
Mycocerosic See Mycoceranic -
Mycolic RCHOHCH(R')COOH Mycobacteria
Mycolipenic 2,4,6-tri-Me-2t-24:1 Tubercle bacilli
Mycomycin 3t5c7e8e10a12a-13:6 Nocardia acidophilus
Myristelaidic 9t-14:1 Trans form of myristoleic acid
Myristic 14:0 Lauric oils
Myristoleic 9c-14:1 -
Nemotinic 4-OH, 5e6e8a10a-11:4 Basidiomycetis molds
Nerolic 3,7-di-Me 2c6e-8:2 -
Nervonic 15c-24:1 Shark liver oils
Nisinic 24:6, all- cis-6,9,12,15,18,21 Fish oils
Nonylic See Pelargonic -
Norlinoleic 8c11c-17:2 -
Norlinolenic 8c11c14c-17:3 Libiatae
Obtusilic 4c-14:1 Lindera obtusiloba
Oleic 9c-18:1 All oils and fats
Oncobic 15-Cp 8c-15:1 Flacourtiaceae seed oils
Osbond's acid See DPA -
Oxalic 2:0 di-acid -
Palmitelaidic 9t-16:1 trans form of petroselinic acid
Palmitic 16:0 All oils and fats
Palmitoleic 9c-16:1 Fish oils, macadamia oil
Parinaric (α) 9c11t13t15c-18:4 Parinarium laurinum
Parinaric (β) 9t11t13t15t-18:4 trans form of a-parinaric acid
Paullinic 13c-20:1 Elaeagnaceae
Pelargonic 9:0 Sideritis, Allium
Palmitvaccenic 11c-16:1 Elaeagnaceae
Petroselaidic 6t-18:1 Trans form of petroselinic acid_
Petroselinic 6c-18:1 Umbelliferae oils
Phellogenic 22:O di-acid Anacardiaceae
Phellonic 22-OH 22:0 Cork
Phloionolic See Aleutiric  
Phlomic 7e,8e-20:2 Labiatae
*Phthioic 3,13,19-tri-Me 23:0 -
Phrenosic See Cerebronic -
Phrenosinic See Cerebronic -
Phthianoic See Mycoceranic -
Phthioic Polybranched acids Micro-organisms
Physeteric 5c-14:1 Whale oil
Physetoleic See Palmitoleic -
Phytanic 3,7,11,15-tetra-Me 16:0 Marine animal fats
Phytenic* See Phytenoic -
Phytenoic 3,7,11,15-tetra-Me 2e-16:1 Marine animal fats
Phytomonic See Lactobacillic -
Pimelic 7:0 di-acid -
Pinolenic 5c9c12c-18:3 Toucrium depressum
Pivalic 2,2-di-Me 3:0 -
Podocarpic 5c11c14c-20:3 Podocarpus nagera, Pinus species
Pristanic 2,6,10,14-tetra-Me 15:0 Marine animal fats
Propioic (propynoic) 2a-3:0 -
Pseudoeleostearic 10t12t14t-18:3 Isomerized linolenic acid
Psyllic 33:0 -
Punicic 9c11t13c-18:3 Punica granatum,Trichosanthes anguina *
Pyrulic 8a10t-17:2 Pyrularia pubera
Ranunculeic See Columbinic -
Rapinic See Oleic -
Rhodinic 3,7-di-Me,6e-8:1 Callitris glauca
Ricinelaidic 12-OH 9t-18:1 trans form of ricinoleic acid
Ricinenic 9c,11c-18:2 Taxus baccata
Ricinic See Ricinoleic -
Ricinoleic 12-OH 9c-18:1 Castor oil
Rosilic 10-OH 18:0 Leaf waxes
Roughanic acid 16:3(n-3) Plants
Rumenic 9c11t-18:2 Ruminant fats
Sabinic 12-OH 12:0 Juniperus oxydecrus leaves
Santalbic See Ximenynic -
Sapienic* 6c-16:1 Human sebum lipids
Sarcinic 12Me-14:0 Sarcina & other microbial lipids
Sativic (santivinic) 9,10,12,13-tetraOH 18:0 From oxidation of linoleic acid
Scammonolic See Jalapinolic -
Sciadonic See Podocarpic -
*Scoliodonic 24:5 Nnc
Sebacic 10:0 di-acid -
Sebaleic 5c,8c-18:2 Human sebum lipids
Selacholeic See Nervonic  
Shibic 26:5 Fish oils
Sorbic *** 2t4t-6:2 di-acid Sorbus aucuparia
Stearculic (stearculinic) See Sterculic -
Stearic 18:0 Animal fats, cocoa butter
Stearidonic 6c9c12c15c-18:4 Echium oils, fish oils
Stearolic 9a-18:1 Santalaceae
Sterculic 9,10-P 9c-18:1 Cottonseed oil
Sterculynic 9,10-Mt 9c17a-18:2 Sterculia alata
Stillingic 2c4t-10:2 Sapium sebiferum
Suberic 8:0 di-acid -
Succinic 4:0 di-acid -
Talgic See Stearic -
Tanacetumoleic See Palmitvaccenic -
Tariric 6a-18:1 Picramnia spp.
Tartaric 2,3-diOH 4:0 di-acid Many fruits
Taxoleic 5c9c-18:2 Gymnospermae seed lipids
Telfairic See Linoleic -
Thalictric 5t-18:1 Ranunculaceae
Thapsic See Thaspic -
Thaspic 16:0 di-acid Waxes
(+/–) Threonic 2,3,4 tri-OH 4:0  
D-Threonic 2R,3S,4 tri-OH 4:0  
L-Threonic 2S,3R,4 tri-OH 4:0  
Threonine 2-NH2, 3-OH 4:0 Protein hydrolysates
Thynnic 26:6 (probably n-3) Fish oils
Tiglic (2E)-2-Me 4:1 -
Timnodonic See EPA -
Traumatic 2t-20:1 di-acid -
Trichosanic See Punicic -
Tsuduic 4c-14:1 Lindera obtusiloba
Tsuzuic 4c-14:1 Lindera obtusiloba
Tuberculostearic 10-Me 18:0 Tubercle bacilli
Tureptholic See Convolvulinolic -
Undecylenic 10e-11:1 Castor oil
Ursolic 30-OH-30:0 -
Ustilic 15,16-diOH 16:0 Ustilagic acid (antibiotic)
Ustilic B 2,15,16-triOH 16:0 Ustilagic acid (antibiotic)
cis-Vaccenic See Asclepic  
Valerianic See Valeric -
Valeric 5:0 -
Valproic 2-Propyl 5:0 -
Ventosic 9,10,12,13-tetraOH-22:0  
Vernolic cis-12,13-ep, 9c-18:1 Vernonia oils (crepis, geranium
Wyeronic acid* 4,7-ep, 8-oxo, 2t9a11c-14:5 Exocarpus cupressiformis
Ximenic 17c-26:1 Ximenia americana
Ximenynic 9a11t-18:2 Santalum acuminatum
Ximenynolic 8-OH, 9a11t-18:2 -
Xionenynic 8a10c-18:2 -
Zoomaric See Palmitoleic -