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Laboratory Proficiency Program Series

Achieve and maintain peak performance of laboratory staff and equipment.

AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program offers the following testing series:

Aflatoxin - Corn Meal

Aflatoxin - Cottonseed Meal

Aflatoxin - Milk

Aflatoxin - Peanut Paste

Aflatoxin - Pistachio and Almond

Aflatoxin - Peanut Butter

Aflatoxin in Peanut Paste Test Kit

Aflatoxin in Corn Meal Test Kit



Cottonseed Oil

DAG in Oil

DDGS from Corn Meal

Edible Fat

Feed Microscopy

Fish Meal


Gas Chromatography

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

GOED Nutraceutical Oils

Marine Oil

Marine Oil Fatty Acid Profile


Mixed Seed (Canola, Sunflower, Safflower)

Moisture in Almonds

NIOP Fats and Oils

NIR Soybean

NIR Soybean Meal

Nutritional Labeling

Oilseed Meal

Olive Oil Chemistry

Olive Oil Sensory Panel

Palm Oil


Phosphorus in Oil

Solid Fat Content by NMR


Soybean Oil

Specialty Oils

Tallow and Grease

Trace Metals in Oil

trans Fatty Acid Content

Unground Soybean Meal

Vegetable Oil


Currently enrolled in the Laboratory Proficiency Program?

A renewal proforma invoice will automatically be sent to you in mid-March for the next program year. Please do not renew through the AOCS Store. This will create a duplicate enrollment. The AOCS store products should only be ordered for new analyst enrollments.



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