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Approved Chemist Program

The Approved Chemist Program recognizes the most accomplished participants in the Laboratory Proficiency Program(LPP). Approval is based on performance during the previous LPP year. Approved Chemists in oilseed meal can become referees for NOPA Soybean meal trading.

Approved Chemist


Approved Chemist Application

Approved Chemist Program applicants must:

  • Work in an independent or industrial laboratory

The AOCS Examination Board determines approval using the following criteria:

  • Absolutely no missing samples or required results
Educational requirements for new Approved Chemists
  • Minimum 5 year laboratory experience
  • BS plus 3 year laboratory experience
  • MS plus 1 year laboratory experience

Application requirements

  • Forms and payment must be received by AOCS headquarters by June 15.
  • New applicants must pay a one-time processing fee of $125.