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LPP Series

Olive Oil Sensory Panel

 Sample(s) in this series
  • Olive Oil

Test Method

International Olive Council guideline
COI/T.20/Doc. No 15/Rev.7;February 2015



Extra Virgin, Virgin & Lampante

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AOCS Recognized Panels

Panels that attained a low SPN score in the AOCS proficiency testing program in 2014-2015.
Multichrome Lab-Greece-First Place
NSW Department of Primary Industry-Australia-Honorable Mention
Pompeian Inc. – Baltimore, MD, USA – Honorable Mention
Chemiservice-Monopoli, Italy– Honorable Mention
Applied Sensory -USA – Honorable Mention
California Olive Oil Council – Berkley, CA, USA – Honorable Mention
Modern Olives Laboratory Services – Australia – Honorable Mention
Shozu Olive Research Institute-Kagawa, Japan-Honorable Mention
University of California Cooperative Extension - California, USA - Honorable Mention

AOCS Accredited Panels

SPN score of zero in the proficiency program. Must be an AOCS member in good standing and have a signed agreement that states all of the requirements for testing were met.
Chemiservice – Monopoli, Italy
NSW Department of Primary Industry-Wagga Wagga, Australia
Modern Olives Laboratory Services – Lara, Australia
Pompeian Inc. – Baltimore, MD, USA

2015 Criteria for Assessing AOCS Olive Oil Sensory Panel Performance

Each Panel will be assessed against the following:

  1. The testing year has four sets of four samples each; panel results shall be entered for each of the 16 samples (“missing samples”)
  2. Individual data for each of the panelists shall be submitted for each of the 16 samples (“missing data”)
  3. Major vs minor faults or attributes
    • For oils with only positive attributes: results should be received for all three (fruity, bitter, pungent),  where appropriate and all three will be assessed (see “assessment scores”)
    • For oils with positive and negative attributes: submission of scores for all attributes is encouraged. However, it is noted that certain panels may not have looked for positive attributes if strong defects were detected. Those panels will not be penalized in this round. Therefore, where oils have strong defects only scores for defects or faults will be assessed.
  4. Assessment scores:
    • Missing samples will lead to automatic dismissal (M)
    • Missing individual panelist data will lead to automatic dismissal (D)
    • Statistical outliers will be counted by occasion but not by z-score (S)
    • Panel CVs will be assessed as follows:
    • For oils with only positive attributes: all instances will be counted (P)
    • For oils with positive and negative attributes: all instances related to the major fault(s) will be counted (major faults will be determined by the degree of perception reported by the majority of panels – as assessed by the mean value) (N)
    • Panels will be ranked according to the sum of S + P + N after consideration of the M and D scores. It is anticipated that only panels having a low SPN score will be listed as AOCS Recognized Panels [AOCS normally recognizes “First Place” and “Honorable Mention” among proficiency testing participants. The number of “Honorable Mention” places is determined by the total number of participants. In this case it would be “normal” to recognize only 2 participants (10%)]. However for 2015, because of the newness of the series and the scoring system being used, AOCS will recognize those panels having SPN scores < 5.  
  5. Accreditation to AOCS
    • Panels shall meet the following criteria:
    • Current AOCS membership (either corporate or individual membership of one or more of the panelists is required)
    • Signed agreement that they meet all the criteria laid down by COI/T.20/DOC.15/Rev. 6; November 2013 -  Method for the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil and COI/T.28/Doc. No 1; September 2007 – Guidelines for the accreditation of sensory testing laboratories with particular reference to virgin olive oil according to standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. AOCS reserves the right to appoint experts to physically inspect premises and determine compliance.
    • Current SPN score of zero
    • Only panels meeting the above criteria will be eligible to become AOCS Accredited Panels for the period of one year.

Note: these rules will only be applied to the results accumulated from the 2014/2015 program year. They will be reviewed annually by the AOCS Olive Oil Expert Panel and any necessary changes will be made BEFORE evaluation of subsequent program results.