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May Volume 27 (5)

Coconut oil boom
Coconut oil, once reviled for its high saturated fat content, is now getting credit for all kinds of health benefits. Inform reviews the scientific evidence.


Aqueous enzymatic oil extraction as a green processing method
Using water and enzymes in place of chemical solvents preserves micronutrients and is easier on the environment, so why is solvent-based extraction still the main method used to extract edible oils from oilseeds?


Understanding the oil-gelling properties of natural waxes
Results from chemical analysis, thermal behavior, microstructure studies, and rheological characterization were recently compared to gain new insights into the gelling behavior of natural waxes.


3D micro X-ray images help answer questions about fried foods’ internal structure
X-ray micro-computed tomography sheds light on the internal pore structure and oil distribution in potato disks during various frying times.



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