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INFORMMay 2018
Beauty from within Plant-based proteins: an alternative to synthetic emulsifiers
Eastern red cedar: cedarwood oil extraction and bioactivity

May 2018 (.pdf)


INFORMApril 2018
Pulses rising
Quantitative physical stability analysis of concentrated, fragrance-infused liquid fabric care dispersions
Visualizing the oilseed lipidome

April 2018 (.pdf)


INFORMMarch 2018
Oil modification: solution or problem for 3-monochloro-1,2-propanediol (3-MCPD) and glycidyl esters (GE) mitigation?
Poly-phenolic branched-chain fatty acids as potential bio-based, odorless, liquid antimicrobial agents

March 2018 (.pdf)


INFORMFebruary 2018
Clean meat
Oxidative stability of oils and fats
Development of novel omega-3 nano-microdelivery systems by electrohydrodynamic processes

February 2018 (.pdf)


INFORMJanuary 2018
The "shear" magic of roll–in shortenings
Tall oil
Food–grade canola proteins

January 2018 (.pdf)



INFORMNovember/December 2017
Strategic role of peanuts in sustainable global food security
Milk fat triacylglycerol packing within processed cheese products
Mixed alcohol transesterification of mustard oil

Nov/Dec 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMOctober 2017
Science beyond borders: international student exchange
2016-2017 AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program winners
Cannabis extraction for better quality, health, safety, and products

October 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMSeptember 2017
Clean label: the next generation
How to choose drop-in replacements for active ingredients in existing liquid laundry detergent formulations
Unraveling the power of microcellulosic fibers

September 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMJuly/August 2017
Science snapshots from Orlando
AOCS 2017 award recipients
Georges Chavanne and the first biodiesel

July/August 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMJune 2017
Parabens in rivers and streams
5 new AOCS Methods
Ketones and brain energy

June 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMMay 2017
The whys and wherefores of life-cycle assessment
Batch deodorizer efficiency

May 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMApril 2017
China’s evolving edible oils industry
A rapid analytical method for detecting fraud in peanut oil
Multiple regression analysis to predict palm oil behavior for confectionery applications

April 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMMarch 2017
The mysterious case of the arsenolipids
Gene combinations for production of bioactive and industrial oils
The oil of oregano (Origanum vulgare)

March 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMFebruary 2017
Red palm oil
Authenticity of plant oils in the market
Optimizing the use of biomass waste through co-pyrolysis

February 2017 (.pdf)


INFORMJanuary 2017
Chia: Superfood or superfad?
Recovering oil from spent bleaching earth
Gut-brain endocannabinoid signaling as a fatty acid sensor
January 2017 (.pdf)



INFORMNovember/December 2016
Generational training divide
Food emulsifier fundamentals
Using microfluidic tools to understand emulsification

November/December 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMOctober 2016
The highs and lows of cannabis testing
Cleaning oxidative-stability-index equipment components
Efficient optimization of deodorization through process simulation studies

October 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMSeptember 2016
Nuts & shelf life
Phase-change materials
Science from the 2016 Annual Meeting

September 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMJuly/August 2016
Good vibrations: online and at-line monitoring of edible oils with vibrational spectroscopy
Predicting the interfacial tension change at optimum formulation for enhanced oil recovery
MALDI MS applications for rapid analysis of food lipids

July/August 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMJune 2016
Benchtop NMR spectroscopy for meat authentication
How to get premium laundry detergency
Ultra-high pressure homogenization for “cleaner” reduced-fat emulsions June 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMMay 2016
Coconut oil boom
Aqueous enzymatic oil extraction as a green processing method
Understanding the oil-gelling properties of natural waxes

May 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMApril 2016
Sink or swim: fish oil supplements and human health
TD-NMR and chemometrics for fat analysis in food through packaging
Critical design phases for upgrading oilseeds facilities

April 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMMarch 2016
Minimizing process contaminants in edible oils
Pulsed electric field: groundbreaking technology for improving olive oil extraction
Health effects of individual saturated fatty acids

March 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMFebruary 2016
Prescribing dietary fat: therapeutic uses of ketogenic diets
Creating corporate memory
Fundamentals of energy savings and recovery

February 2016 (.pdf)


INFORMJanuary 2016
Are emerging deep eutectic solvents (DES) relevant for lipase-catalyzed lipophilizations?
FT-NIR analysis of lecithin
Organogels of vegetable oil with plant wax

January 2016 (.pdf)



inform cover November/December 2015
The power of peptides
Oleaginous yeast convert glycerol to triacylglycerol
Enhancing stability of olive oils by enrichment with natural ingredients

November/December 2015 (.pdf)


inform cover October 2015
Separation anxiety: membrane cleaning in the 21st century
Next-generation cleaning products that “have it all”
Biobased solvent replacements that perform, comply, and satisfy

October 2015 (.pdf)


inform cover September 2015
Using direct solid phase extraction to analyze persistent organic pollutants in oily food samples
Bio-based polyamide gellants for novel product forms and functionality
Color measurement made easy

September 2015 (.pdf)


inform cover July/August 2015
A longer shelf life, naturally?
Natural solutions for improved stability of omega-3 oils and omega-3-enriched foods
Pinpointing sources of DEHP contamination in olive oil

July/August 2015 (.pdf)

inform cover June 2015
Big fat controversy: changing opinions about saturated fats
Designing excipient foods to improve oral bioavailability of nutraceuticals
Rapid detection of active bacteria in cold-pressed hemp seed oil

June 2015 (.pdf)

inform cover May 2015
Use of spent bleaching earth for economic and environmental benefit
Glycerolysis pretreatment of high FFA feedstocks
Evolving co-products from the ethanol industry

May 2015 (.pdf)

inform coverApril 2015
An introduction to cosmetic technology
Rhamnolipids and related biosurfactants for cosmetics and cosmeceutical markets
Scientific activism for cosmetic chemists

April 2015 (.pdf)

inform cover March 2015
Food texture and nutrition: the changing roles of hydrocolloids and food fibers
No more boring posters: how to raise the bar on your next poster presentation
Isopropyl alcohol extraction of mustard oil

March 2015 (.pdf)

inform cover February 2015
Biotechnology: Using living systems to solve problems
Tailoring lipid synthesis in oil crops
The evolution of protein quality evaluation

February 2015 (.pdf)

inform cover January 2015
Flush to fuel
Lipids from algae: novel applications and powerful quantification methods
Commercial-scale biodiesel using immobilzed enzymes and waste feedstocks

January 2015 (.pdf)


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