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July/August Volume 27 (7)

Good vibrations: online and at-line monitoring of edible oils with vibrational spectroscopy
Technologies based on vibrational spectroscopy can continuously monitor edible oil parameters on the production line, and portable devices give workers a quick snapshot of oil characteristics at different points during production.


Predicting the interfacial tension change at optimum formulation for enhanced oil recovery
Learn how the variation of minimum tension γ* needed for optimum formulation of enhanced oil recovery fluids can be predicted by appropriately changing two formulation variables.


MALDI MS applications for rapid analysis of food lipids
MALDI MS is a rapid and repeatable analysis suitable for lipid-rich tissues, offering opportunities to rapidly, accurately, and fully characterize lipid species beyond their fatty acid content.


Fractionation of insect oils: the case of yellow mealworm oil
Why the dry fractionation of insect oils could make them more versatile for food applications.


AOCS 2016 award recipients



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