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June Volume 27 (6)

Benchtop NMR spectroscopy for meat authentication
A rapid screening approach for authenticating beef based on triglyceride composition takes 10 minutes and can be used at key points in the supply chain.


How to get premium laundry detergency
A fabric care and cleaning expert explains how using less detergent can actually clean better, save money, and lower environmental impacts.


Ultra-high pressure homogenization for “cleaner” reduced-fat emulsions
Can ultra-high pressure homogenization be used to produce sensory-improved reduced-fat emulsions without (or with lower concentrations of) fat replacers?


Front-end loading for a successful capital project
Completing the majority of project planning and engineering early costs more upfront but can lower overall costs by making it easier and cheaper to accommodate design changes.


Crystallizers: the crystal-clear answer to trans-fat-free margarine production
Learn how the right crystallizer can pay for itself by resulting in better use of production equipment.


Influence of fatty acid composition on properties of industrial products and fuels
The fatty acid composition, scientific name, and seed oil content of 25 alternative triglyceride feedstocks—plus the industrial applications of the major fatty acid categories—are summarized in two handy tables.



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