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November December 2015 Volume 26 (10) • 609-688

The power of peptides
Why biopeptides are the next big thing in food, medicine, and personal care.


Oleaginous yeast convert glycerol to triacylglycerol
Yeast-produced oil has a chain-length distribution similar to palm oil.


Enhancing stability of olive oils by enrichment with natural ingredients
Can red chili pepper powder enhance shelf life?


Upgrading glycerol for high-value-added applications
In a true biorefinery, intermediate qualities of glycerin could represent a profitable trade-off.


Antioxidants from soy hull
Soy hull’s low cost, availability, and simple processing requirements could make soy hull extract an attractive alternative to synthetic antioxidants.


Can camelina compete as a feedstock for biobased products?
New evidence shows that optimizing production and developing byproducts could turn the tide.


Hydroxylated canola biowaxes: nanocellullose composite microspheres for controlled release of aroma agents
Microparticles fashioned from hydroxylated canola wax are evaluated for controlled release of vanillin.


2015–2016 AOCS Approved Chemists and Certified Laboratories


Transforming the “art” of formulation to dynamic fluid “engineering”
Enhanced oil recovery needs a common language.


Common editorial mistakes in journal submissions
Avoid common mistakes that will make your report difficult to read and slow down the review process.


Career advice: how to find and work with a headhunter
These guidelines could change the future of your career.



Latin America Update | Regulatory Review | Patents | Extracts & Distillates


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