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AOCS Press strives to produce publications that present cutting-edge research and information that is timely, accurate and relevant.

We are committed to providing you with up-to-date content that is relevant to your career in fats, oils, surfactants, detergents and related materials. Currently, we are collaborating with nine editors and over ninety chapter authors to produce four new books for you to add to your professional library.   If you don’t see a topic you’re looking for, or have an idea for a new AOCS Press title, let us know! Talk to us—we’re interested in what information is important to you. Want to partner with us? Write with us? Stay apprised of when new titles are released? Use this form to express your interest and we’ll be sure to be in touch with you.


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Now Available 


Processing Contaminants in Edible Oils: MCPD and Glycidyl Esters
Shaun MacMahon, Chemist, US FDA

A single point of reference for the significant research related to monochloropropanediol (MCPD) and glycidyl esters in edible oils.  It includes strategies to decrease the concentrations of the contaminants, modifications of deodorization protocol, and removal after processing. Analytical techniques for accurate detection and quantitation of MCPD and glycidyl esters are covered, along with information on their toxicological properties.


Trans Fats Replacement Solutions
Dharma Kodali, President Global Agritech, Inc.; Professor, University of Minnesota  

A comprehensive understanding of the trans fats chemistry, labeling regulations, and trans fat replacement technologies. It also deals with world-wide trends and scenarios in terms of regulations and trans fat replacement solutions.

Available in 2014

Sunflower Oilseed
Chemistry, Production, Processing and Utilization
Enrique MartÍnez Force, Research Scientist, Head of Department of Physiology and Technology of Plant Products
Nurhan T. Dunford, Professor of Bioprocessing, Oil/Oilseed Processing, Oklahoma State University,
Joaquin J. Salas, Instituto de la Grasa

Comprehensive reference book delivers key information on all aspects of sunflower. The book, which contains over 20 chapters, provides an extensive review of the latest developments in sunflower genetics, breeding, processing, quality and utilization including food, energy and industrial bio product applications. U.S. and international practices, production and processing aspects of sunflower are reviewed by internationally renowned experts in this field.


Industrial Oilseed Crops
Tom McKeon, Research Chemist, USDA ARSWRRC
David Hildebrand, Professor, University of Kentucky
Randall Weselake, Professor, Department of Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science, University of Alberta

Doug Hayes, Professor, Department of Biosystems, Engineering & Soil Science, University of Tennessee

Provides comprehensive descriptions of crops used for industrial purposes. Include are numerous applications of these oils, underlining their current and potential contributions to reducing petroleum use and developing profitable renewable resources for the agricultural community.

Available in 2015

  • Handbook of Lipids in Human Function: Fatty Acids
    Edited by Ronald R. Watson and Fabien DeMeester
  • Polar Lipids: Biology, Chemistry, and Technology
    Edited by Moghis Ahmad and Xuebing Xu
  • Ionic Liquids for Lipid Processing and Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges
    Edited by Xeubing Xu, Zheng Guo, and Ling-Zhi Cheong
  • Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization (Oilseed Monograph Volume)
    Edited by Richard Wilson and Thomas Stalker
  • Olive and Olive Oil Bioactives
    Edited by Dimitrios Boskou
  • Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing, 2nd Edition
    Edited by Monoj Gupta
  • Advanced Polymeric Materials from Plant oils
    Edited by Zoran Petrovic and Mihail Ionescu