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INFORM magazine

Published 10 times a year, INFORM magazine provides comprehensive reviews and original articles on such topics as:

  • new analytical methods and technologies
  • processing technologies that improve efficiency and sustainability
  • health and nutrition
  • formulation science
  • critical business issues
  • and many other topics

Each issue includes patent abstracts compiled by a registered US patent agent, journal references assembled by a team of experts in a variety of areas, and coverage of regulatory issues from around the globe.

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March 2023

Table of Contents

INFORM magazine March 2023 cover

The arc of preservation bends toward nature
Companies are patenting and commercializing new lipid-soluble antioxidants from sources like onions, apples and larch trees. This article explains the chemistry behind some of these unique products and their potential to successfully, naturally protect lipids in food from oxidation.

A greener way to measure lipid oxidation
Matthew Fhaner, associate professor at the University of Michigan—Flint, has developed a way to measure cooking oil quality in real time. There is just one problem: The method involves solvents, like benzene, that are not exactly kitchen-friendly. Read about his progress towards establishing a greener way to establish fryer oil quality.

Oxidized lipids source of psoriasis pain
Researchers confirmed that there is a higher concentration of oxidized linoleic acid metabolites present in psoriasis lesions and discovered that the molecules bind to skin neurons involved in the perception of pain.

Editing the immune system with saturated fatty acids
What effect does a diet high in saturated fatty acid have on immune cells? This article describes how researchers studied the changes to inflammatory stem cells in bone marrow that are associated with a diet high in saturated fatty acids.

This article was written by a robot
We put ChatGPT to work as a member of the INFORM writing staff. Read the results of our request for an article on lipid oxidation.


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