New 3-MCPD (glycidol ester) method

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February 2011

A direct method for the determination of fatty acid esters of both 3-MCPD and glyci­dol has been published in the Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society (JAOCS).

The method uses liquid chromatography-time-of ­flight mass spectrometry (LC-TOFMS). The full manuscript is available via open access at

Esters of both 3-MCPD (3-mono­chloropropane-1,2-diol) and glycidol are process contaminants of interest to the global fats and oils industries. For more information, see the AOCS web resource on process contaminants at

Publication of the new LC-TOFMS method follows the fifth meeting of the AOCS Expert Panel on Process Contami­nants at the Westin Grand Hotel in Munich, Germany, on Sunday, November 21, 2010, preceding the Euro Fed Lipid conference. The sixth meeting of the Expert Panel meeting will be in February 2011 in Penang, Malaysia, which will coincide with the 22nd Sessionof the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Fats and Oils.

AOCS has begun a collaborative study, in cooperation with the Japan Oil Chemists' Society, of another direct method for deter­mination of fatty acid esters of glycidol. This method has also been published in JAOCS but has since been revised.For more informa­tion about the work of the Expert Panel and/or the collaborative study, contact AOCS Technical Director Richard Cantrill (phone: +1 217-693-4830; email: