AOCS lab proficiency program builds customer confidence

Quantifying customer confidence can be as challenging as quantifying materials in a sample. Customers look to certifications and awards as measures of a laboratory's quality.

That was how Claire Traynor, Head of Mylnefield Lipid Analysis of James Hutton Limited, and her lab became involved with the AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program (LPP). Traynor originally enrolled her lab in the GOED Nutraceutical Oils Series at the request of a customer. Participating in the LPP series has allowed them to build customer confidence and better understand how their results compare to their peers.

"Taking part in the program helps us to determine how our laboratory compares to other laboratories, and we were especially pleased to receive First Place in the 2016-17 LPP. This was a great boost for my analysts, especially those performing the analysis, but also confirms the quality of the work that we undertake for our customers is to a very high standard," according to Traynor.

Each year, AOCS publishes a list of LPP Award Winners as part of the Society's commitment to recognize the expertise and dedication to quality of chemists in the program. The list consists of analysts who have scored in the top 10% of each series. The recognition is important both inside and outside of the lab for Traynor and her analysts.

In addition, AOCS recognizes the analytical excellence of individual chemists with Approved Chemist status. Earning Approved Chemist status allows chemists to use the Approved Chemist logo to advertise their expertise. To earn it, chemists must achieve a precise score in four con-secutive quarters as an LPP participant (July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1), return results for all samples, report results for all required constituents and be an AOCS member.

Rudy Fulawka, a Seed Chemist with Bayer CropScience, has been an AOCS Approved Chemist in gas chromatog-raphy for 17 years. He uses AOCS methods to identify and quantify tocopherols and glucosinolates in canola seeds and to determine the fatty acid profi le of the oil.

According to Fulawka, he is a competitive person, but lab work doesn’t offer many opportunities to compete. Earning Approved Chemist status gives him a standard to shoot for and an outlet for his competitive nature. It looks good on his curriculum vitae and to customers.

AOCS Approved Chemist

Full-year LPP participants are eligible to apply for the Approved Chemist program.
AOCS Approved Chemists are in high demand, and are highly respected throughout the industry.
Use your status as an AOCS Approved Chemist to promote your technical expertise and attract new business – apply today!

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"Taking part in such programs is important as part of our commitment to quality, and it gives our customers extra confidence in their results." —Claire Traynor

Claire Traynor

“AOCS Approved Chemist status gives clients confidence in my results. —Rudy Fulawka

Rudy Fulawka