Masterclass in solvent extraction with Tim Kemper

Masterclass on Solvent Extraction with Tim Kemper

Course Description

Engage in an immersive masterclass on oilseed solvent extraction led by industry leader Tim Kemper, President, Desmet | Rosedowns | Stolz. This comprehensive course covers the essential role of oilseed microstructures, seed variety, and how these structures influence extraction techniques.

Gain critical insight into the engineering and function of equipment used during meal desolventizing, drying, and cooling stages. Conclude your learning journey with an in-depth review of miscella distillation, the stages of solvent recovery, and the complex mechanics of the mineral oil system, which is pivotal in safeguarding against the discharge of vent gases.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction: The Extraction Process
  • The Science Behind the Technology
  • The Solvent Extraction Process
  • Extraction Process: Meal Desolventizing
  • Extraction Process: Meal Drying & Cooling
  • Extraction Process: Miscella Distillation
  • Extraction Process: Solvent Recovery
  • Extraction Process: Mineral Oil System

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Who should attend?

This masterclass offers a holistic and nuanced understanding of the solvent extraction process, designed for the discerning learner.

Professionals in food processing and agricultural science and students in Food Science and Technology will gain valuable insight from this course. Roles could include:

  • ✓ Research Scientists
  • ✓ Industrial Chemists
  • ✓ Agricultural Scientists
  • ✓ Quality Assurance Managers
  • ✓ Production Managers
  • ✓ Technical Sales & Marketers

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Tim Kemper

Meet the Instructor

Tim Kemper, President, Desmet | Rosedowns | Stolz and a seasoned professional in the oilseeds industry, brings a wealth of experience to this course. Tim has worked in and around oilseeds since he was 10, when he started driving a tractor on his family farm in western Ohio, USA.

Tim currently serves as President, Desmet | Rosedowns | Stolz. A longtime member of AOCS, Tim has held various leadership roles within the organization and is a frequent presenter at industry events. An inventor with ten patents, he's also a registered professional engineer and an esteemed author in the field. His deep-rooted passion for oilseeds makes him a distinguished authority on solvent extraction.

He earned his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

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