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AOCS helps professionals find colleagues and identify resources to gain insights, share ideas, increase productivity and discover new opportunities. Globally recognized as an industry leader, AOCS is the trusted source for professional advancement in the fats and oils community.

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Providing money-saving benefits and immediate access to a network of more than 4,300 members in 90 countries with expertise in fats, oils, surfactants and related-materials. AOCS membership offers the unique opportunity to connect with industry thought leaders while at the same time keeping abreast of the latest developments in the oil chemistry field.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Connecting companies from around the world with resources to identify new customers, to capture the latest industry information, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to network with industry peers. AOCS corporate members are prominent businesses that provide critical support to AOCS while demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the fats and oils industry.

Connect with other members using the AOCS Member Directory

AOCS Member Directory

Search the directory to find experts to help solve your technical challenges, form new business partnerships, and connect with colleagues across disciplines.



AOCS awards honor individuals and organizations whose talents have positively influenced the profession and exemplify the mission of the Society.  AOCS awards also recognize individuals who show great promise for future contributions.

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AOCS Career Center

The AOCS Career Center connects scientists and technologists with opportunities in industry and academia. Explore more than 100 job postings from companies and universities or post a job opening to recruit a new team member.

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Midweek Mixers

Midweek Mixers are a community-driven virtual space for you to connect with colleagues and friends throughout the year. Learn how to attend a mixer or host your own.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Sharing skills, having a voice, gaining recognition, and making a difference in the fats and oils community. All volunteers bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and energy to AOCS, making sure we continue to deliver quality products and services to benefit all members.

Association Exchange

Association Exchange

Creating partnerships with allied organizations to provide new avenues for professional development and furthering connections for members of both societies. The AOCS Association Exchange program effectively builds collaborative partnerships and long-term business relations with related organizations.