AOCS Sections are neighborhoods within the greater AOCS global community—each offering unique, regional viewpoints on the importance of fats and oils to people everywhere.

Benefits of Section Membership

  • Provides a local forum for fats and oils professionals
  • Enhances your networking opportunities in your regional marketplace
  • Provides volunteer and leadership opportunities

Member dues contribute to and sustain Section—specific awards, events and support student involvement. Interested in joining a section? Contact AOCS.

Guidelines (.pdf)

The Asian Section welcomes all who are interested, and holds meetings annually.

Annual member dues $15. 

Section Leadership

Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Malaysia

Jun Ogawa, Kyoto University, Japan

In-Hwan Kim, Korea University, Korea

Bringing together professionals in the Australia and Pacific Rim geographical regions.

Annual member dues $25. 

Section Leadership

Matt Miller,

Immediate Past President
Karen Murphy,

Matthew Taylor,

Jacqui Adcock,

Communications Manager
Clare Flakelar,

Assistant Newsletter Editor
Cintia Dias,

General Committee Members
Lucky Inturrisi
Samaneh Ghasemi Fard
Sara Ghorbani Gorji
Surinder Singh
Xue-Rong Zhou
Rod Smith
Kirill Lagutin
Glenn Elliott
Neil Mann

Upcoming Section Meeting
We hope you to see you at our next meeting! Contact Matt Miller at the email address above with any questions.

2021 AOCS Australasian Section Meeting
8–10, November, 2021
Newcastle, Australia
Venue: Noah’s on the Beach, Newcastle

Section Resources

Bringing together professionals from Canadian geographical regions. Dues are used to send students to the AOCS and CAOCS annual meetings.

Annual member dues $15. 

Visit 2022 Canadian Lipids and Proteins Conference for more details on research, processing and product innovation for foods and value-added products.

Section Leadership

The Canadian Section of AOCS (CAOCS) elected five new members to serve on its 2020-2021 Leadership Team:

  • Chairperson: Xiao Qiu, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan
  • Vice Chairperson: Apollinaire Tsopmo, Carleton University, Ontario
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew Gravelle, University of Guelph, Ontario
  • Student Affairs: Hongbing Fan, University of Alberta, Alberta 

The AOCS China Section:

  • Promotes information exchange, collaboration and partnership between Chinese and global fats, oils and related industries
  • Brings together professionals in the China geographical region
  • Supports friendship and professional growth of its members
  • Ensures high standards, superior quality, safety and value-added applications of fats, oils, proteins and related-materials

Learn more about the China Section.

Annual member dues $0.  

Section Leadership

Dr. Jiang Lianzhou,

Dr. Liu Keshun,

Dr. Liu Yuanfa,

Dr. Xu Xuebing,

Dr. Sui Xiaonan,

Standing Committee Members

Liu Guoqin, Ph.D.
Ma Kangming, Ph.D.
Wang Tong (Toni), Ph.D.
Wang Yong, Ph.D.

Advisory Council

Sun Shangde, Ph.D.
Wang Manyi, Ph.D.
Zhou Dayong, Ph.D.
Zhang Hui, Ph.D.
Zheng Mingming, Ph.D.
Yu Xiuzhu, Ph.D.

Bringing together professionals in the European geographical region.

Annual member dues $25, includes membership in Euro Fed Lipid.

Section Leadership

Paul Smith,

Leadership Team
Ignace Debruyne,

Etienne Deffense,

Stephanie Marty-Terrade,

Bringing together professionals in the geographic area of India.  The Section works closely with the Oil Technologists Association of India (OTAI).

Annual member dues $0. 

To get involved, contact AOCS:
Janet S. Cheney

Bringing together professionals in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Annual member dues $15. 

Section President

Sandra Moya, Clariant

Leadership Team
Ana Milena Martinez, Daabon Group, Columbia
Andrés G. Rumayor, Palsgaard Industri, Mexico
Carlos Ramirez, Clariant
Elena Dibildox, Universidad Autonoma de SLP, Mexico
Federico Corvetto, South American Trading LLC, USA
Leon Pablo Espinosa, Desmet Ballestra North America Inc., USA
Marcus Dore, Sociedade Brasileira De Óleos e Gorduras, Brazil
Roberto Berbesi, Oil-Dri Corporation, USA

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