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Membership provides immediate access to a global network of experts in fats, oils, proteins, surfactants and related-materials.

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AOCS Membership is for the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) and is non-transferable. By applying for AOCS membership, you are agreeing to be governed by the AOCS By-Laws and Code of Ethics.

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Active (individual) membership

Professionals with an interest in the science and technology of fats, oils and related substances are eligible for Active memberships.
Cost: US $199.00

Active Member Benefits Include:

Student membership

To qualify, you must be an undergraduate, or graduate student who works no more than 50%, excluding academic assistantships and/or fellowships. Verification of these conditions may be requested.
Cost: US $25.00

Student Member benefits include:

  • Online access to INFORM magazine
  • Early notification of AOCS students awards
  • Free membership in AOCS interest-area groups (Divisions)
  • One free year of AOCS Active membership post-graduation
  • 50% off your second year of AOCS Active membership post-graduation
  • Online access to resources in the AOCS Premium Content Library on inform|connect


If you are a current member who is 62 years of age or older and work fewer than 150 days per year, contact AOCS to request Retired membership.
Cost: US $115.00


Any member who is retired and has been a member for 35 years is automatically granted Emeritus membership status with the Society. The Governing Board may also grant (by 2/3 vote) Emeritus status to any Retired Member, past President, AOCS Award of Merit winner, or A.R. Baldwin Distinguished Service Award winner.

Special circumstances

Whether due to job loss or career transition, AOCS supports your career even during difficult times. Contact us about our one-time transitional membership.

Contact Travis Skodack at for assistance in customizing your AOCS membership experience.

Discover the value of AOCS membership

“AOCS links my past and present as I develop my career in lipid research. Volunteering in AOCS has provided opportunities to meet professionals outside of my research field and to think about other applications and inspire ideas. I have also gained more confidence with communication and collaboration through my various volunteering experiences.”
—Megan Hums, Eurofins

“I learn more from INFORM every month than from all my reading and reviewing activities. This is very high value for the membership.”
—Alejandro G. Marangoni, PhD, Professor and CRC Chair, Dept. Food Science, University of Guelph