NIOP-AOCS Fats & Oils Quality Reference Material

*Sample(s) in this series
Crude Coconut Oil
Crude Safflower Oil
Crude Sunflower Oil
Palm Oil

Test Method and Determination
Cc 13b-45 AOCS Color
Ca 5a-40 Free Fatty Acids
Cd 1d-92 Iodine Value
Cd 3-25 Saponification Value
Cc 10c-95 Mass/Unit Volume

*samples may vary due to inventory

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Crude Coconut Oil Crude Safflower Oil

Item Details:
Each reference sample has been analyzed in the AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program and includes an analysis report will all reported analyst results, identification of outlying results, and mean and standard deviation of results after removal of outlying results. Note:  All sales are final and...
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