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October 2017
October 2017
Volume 28 (9)

Featured Articles

Science beyond borders: international student exchange
Experiencing research in another country offers many benefits, and increasing globalization and communication capabilities make such experiences easier to arrange than ever.

2016–2017 AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program winners

Cannabis extraction for better quality, health, safety, and products
The extraction and purification methods used to make cannabis concentrates—and related safety concerns—are reviewed.

NFPA 652: how to prepare for the new standard on combustible dusts
Learn what you need to do to get into compliance by the fast-approaching deadline of September 2018.

Foam optimization strategies in consumer formulations
Learn the basic principles that control the foam profile of detergents and personal care products.

Are edible oleocolloids the final frontier in food innovation?
The food-grade ingredients used to make oleocolloids, and the microstructure, functionality, and potential uses of such oil-continuous systems in food formulations are described.


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