Technical Value Center

  • Uniform Methods Committee
    Coordinates with the AOCS Technical Department, the AOCS working technical committees, the fats and oils industry, and international standards organizations on the search for and validation of new methodology and the update of existing methodology for the Official Methods and Recommended Practices of the AOCS.
  • Laboratory Proficiency Program Committee
    Oversees, in conjunction with the AOCS Technical Department, the international AOCS Laboratory Proficiency Program. Provides an evaluation of the chemists’ performances. Works with the AOCS Examination Board to provide data to the Board on those chemists requesting AOCS Approved Chemist status. Uses the Laboratory Proficiency Program to compare and evaluate new methodology and to develop statistics on methodology.
  • Examination Board
    Reviews, with the AOCS Technical Department and the Laboratory Proficiency Program Committee, the approval of chemists and the certification of referee laboratories.