Content Value Center

  • Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC)
    Organizes the AOCS Annual Meeting technical program, evaluates proposed meetings, and makes recommendations on their location, structure, and scope.
  • AOCS Lipid Library
    Provides up-to-date and authoritative articles on all aspects of the biochemistry, chemistry, processing, and (bio)technolgy of lipids.  Individual associate editors are responsible for commissioning and editing the articles in their subject areas.  They do this in conjunction with the editors-in-chief. The technical editor helps with the final formatting of material and provides general advice.
  • Books & Special Publications Committee (BSPC)
    Recommends new book and product ideas, as well as editors and authors, usually within topic areas of the Divisions. Committee members also review proposals in their areas of expertise and help in overall AOCS book and product development planning.
  • INFORM Editorial Advisory Committee
    Provides advice to the INFORM staff on maintaining and improving the quality of the publication.
  • JAOCS Committee
    Establishes and implements the editorial policies for JAOCS (Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society).
  • JSD Committee
    Establishes and implements the editorial policies for JSD (Journal of Surfactants and Detergents).
  • Lipids Committee
    Establishes and implements the editorial policies for Lipids.