AOCS Governing Board Application

Governing Board members are elected to serve AOCS and its members by investing their time, expertise, and efforts to assist in the effective stewardship of the society.

How to Apply

An AOCS Governing Board Application should be completed by any AOCS member who wishes to serve on the AOCS Governing Board. Interested members should review the position summary and requirements and submit an application by Friday, September 18, 2020.

Complete the application online (Requires sign in with Google Forms)

Download a PDF application

Information will be provided to members of the AOCS Nominating and Election Committee for consideration. Completion of this form does not, in any way, guarantee service on the AOCS Governing Board.

Applicants should also read and understand the AOCS By-Laws and Code of Ethics.

AOCS Governing Board Member Position Summary and Requirements

Governing Board members are elected to serve AOCS and its members by investing their time, expertise, and efforts to assist in the effective stewardship of the society. Through active engagement and participation at board and society events, Governing Board members work collaboratively with AOCS staff, committees, volunteers and members to address issues and develop goals, strategies, policies, plans and budgets that ensure AOCS is successful, sustainable and serving its mission.

Governing Board members are the society’s fiduciaries who also assist in the development of sound, ethical, and legal governance, and financial management policies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

As a Governing Board member, individuals are expected to

  • prepare for, attend and actively participate in all Governing Board meetings and conference calls
  • actively participate on board working groups, as assigned
  • handle assigned duties and responsibilities professionally and dutifully
  • abide by the AOCS Code of Ethics and AOCS bylaws
  • maintain a working knowledge of the affairs, policies, and activities of the society
  • actively, professionally, and enthusiastically advocate, support and enhance the mission and image of the society
  • professionally express one’s opinion during Governing Board deliberations and debates, but then speak with one voice regarding final decisions by the Governing Board
  • ensure confidential information is treated responsibly and is not disclosed

In collaboration with the Governing Board as a whole, members are expected to

  • decide matters of society policy, direction and strategy
  • identify and address short- and long-term opportunities, threats and issues
  • establish committees, tasks forces and working groups
  • ensure adequate financial resources are available and allocated, and manage those resources by providing effective financial governance and oversight
  • review and approve the annual budget
  • oversee the society’s organizational governance structure
  • guide membership policies
  • determine the society’s position on matters of public policy
  • select and support the CEO

Qualifications and Experience

Prospective Governing Board members should meet the following criteria:

  • employed by and/or currently serving in a position that can influence other members and stakeholders of the society
  • has a future stake in and commitment to the profession, industry and society
  • has a broad view and perspective of the sectors related to the interests of the society
  • Is willing and able to fulfill all of the essential duties and responsibilities, and has full commitment from their employer to do so
  • professional and collaborative working style that garners respect
  • able to work professionally and collaboratively with all levels of individuals across the society
  • demonstrated experience in business management and/or executive leadership that provides the breadth and depth of knowledge to fulfill the responsibilities of the position

Bonus Qualifications and Experience

The following criteria are also desirable:

  • demonstrated experience, including paying a leadership role in the development and execution of vision, strategy, and operating plans that address short- and long-term business problems
  • holistic, strategic thinker and problems solver with the ability to add value to the creation of the society’s mission, vision and strategic direction
  • strong business and/or financial acumen
  • experience in leading and influencing change
  • previous nonprofit or scientific society board experience
  • experience participating on and or leading a society or association committee

AOCS Governing Board Nominating Process

The AOCS Nominating & Election Committee is responsible for proposing to the AOCS Governing Board for its approval a slate of candidates for election in accordance with the Society’s policies. The Committee will evaluate information submitted by applicants and interview top candidates believed to be the best fit based on current needs before finalizing the proposed slate.

The Committee develops a proposed slate and submits its recommendation to the Governing Board for approval at its winter meeting.The final slate of candidates is presented to the AOCS membership for ratification by February 15, 2021. New members will be installed at the AOCS Governing Board meeting that takes place during the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

Governing Board members talking at table