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Edible Oil Refinery Optimization and Equipment Maintenance Short Course

Sunday, 19 June 2011
Course Organizer: Dr. Sefa Koseoglu, Filtration and Membrane World LLC, USA

This is recommended for engineers, chemists, and any other technicians who want to increase their understanding of edible oil refining/processing. Speakers will review critical issues related to refinery optimizations and maintenance.  This program will cover the chemistry of oils and fats, and every step of unit operations dealing with degumming, neutralization, bleaching, dyeing, hydrogenations, interesterification, and deodorization.

Program Schedule
09:00 The Chemistry of Fats and Oils.
Roland Verhe, University of Ghent, Belgium.
09:30 Critical Considerations in Basics of Alkali Oil Refining and Water Washing of Vegetable Oils.
Andrew Logan, Alfa Laval, Denmark.
10:00 Reduce Your Maintenance Costs by Process Optimization and Machine Control.
Robert Zeldenrust, GEA Westfalia Separator Process, Germany.
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:00 Optimization of Refining Process with Ceullulose Adsorbents.
Stefan Neufeld, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + Co KG, Germany.
11:30 Absorbent Solutions for Oil and Fat Processing.
Norbert Seitz, Süd Chemie, Germany.
12:00 More Efficient Bleaching Technologies.
Gunter Börner, ÖHMI Engineering, Germany.
12:30 Luncheon and Networking
13:30 Most-Asked Questions in the Filtration Application of Bleached/Pre-treated Edible Vegetable and Animal Oils and Fats.
Frank Veldkamp, Mahle Group, The Netherlands.
14:00 Soybean Oil Processing: Quality Criteria & Flavor Reversion.
Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium.
14:30 Hydrogenation of Oils and Fats.
Rob Ariaansz, BASF, The Netherlands.
15:00 How to Handle Feedstock Changes - Deodorizer Design & Optimization.
Greg Waranica, Crown Iron Works Inc., USA.
15:30 Refreshment Break
16:00 Enzymatic Interesterification for Novel Hardstocks.
Chris Dayton, Bunge, USA.
16:30 The Use of Minor Components as Food Antioxidants.
Andreas Papas, East Tennessee State University, USA.
17:00 Deodorizer Optimization and Cleaning Procedures
Jan De Kock,  DeSmet Ballestra, Belgium.
17:30 Vacuum Systems in the Edible Oil Industries.
Jürgen Baier, Körting Hannover AG, Germany.