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SODEOPEC2008:  A Bilingual Conference

Lectures will be presented in English with simultaneous Spanish translation.

SODEOPEC2008, the sixth in a series of conferences, will continue its tradition to cover the four expanding and interrelated areas of soaps, detergents, oleochemicals and personal care products, providing those who work in one or more of these areas exposure to all subjects.

Technical presentations, in the sessions outlined below, will cover all aspects of the industry from the new technologies and services that are impacting the industry, to new restrictions due to environmental issues, to innovations that will change the industry in the next decade. Exhibitors will also present commercial applications and offer hands-on product demonstrations.


      Have a Listen!


      Welcome to SODEOPEC2008, presented by Michael Hill, General Chairperson, EVP of AOCS
      Welcome to SODEOPEC2008, presented by Michael Hill, General Chairperson.


Organizing Committee

Michael Hill, General Chair, M. Hill & Associates, USA

Luis Spitz, Chair Emeritus, L. Spitz Inc., USA

Jesús E. Dueñas, Summa Industrial SA CV, El Salvador

V.M. Naik, Unilever Research India, Bangalore, India

Kathleen Stanton, The Soap and Detergent Association, USA


The Organizing Committee would like to thank The Soap and Detergent Association for hosting the Tuesday evening poolside reception.

The Soap and Detergent Association