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Join the global discussion on the science and the technologies of biodiesel.

In today's economy, it is important to remain competitive and run your business cost-effectively. This conference will provide key scientific information and insights into future technologies in all of the biodiesel categories. You will have the opportunity to meet influential and important players in the biodiesel industry. You will learn valuable information for the success of your business-a definite return on the investment to attend.

This is the must-attend conference of the year.

The Organizing Committee
Michael J. Haas, Congress General Chair, USDA, ARS, ERRC, USA
Paolo Bondioli, Stazione Sperimentale Oli e Grassi, Italy
Tim Kemper, Desmet Ballestra North America, USA
Florence Lacoste, Institut des Corp Gras, France
Marcel S.F. Lie Ken Jie, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Robert McCormick, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Martin Mittelbach, Karl-Franz-Universität Graz, Austria
T. (Tiger) Thiagarajan, Consultant, USA

Co-Sponsoring Organizations

Euro Fed Lipid

Participating Organizations

Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Comitato Termotecnico Italiano - CTI Energia e Ambiente
European Section of the AOCS
Industrial Oil Products Division of the AOCS
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
National Biofuels Association of Bulgaria

Media Partners
Biofuels Cities

Biofuels International
F+L Asia
Web Oleochemical