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AOCS Archives Short Course on Biodiesel: Market Trends, Chemistry, and Production
Saturday and Sunday, 24–25 September 2005
Hilton Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Short Course Organizer:
Dr. S. Sefa Koseoglu, President, Extraction and Refining Program, a Division of Filtration and Membrane World LLC, 603 Southwest Parkway, Unit # 23, College Station, Texas 77840.
Tel: +1-979-764-8360; Fax: +1-979-694-7031; Email:; URL:

Due to high petroleum prices, many government agencies around the world are looking at alternative technologies, methods, and hybrid processing techniques. The most promising approach is the use of renewable energy, such as biodiesel from vegetable oils, beef and pork tallow, waste restaurant frying grease (yellow grease), and by-products from other processes involving soybean oil.

At this one-day course, participants learned about:

  • Individual unit operations involved in biodiesel
  • Biodiesel market trends and regulations
  • Economics of biodiesel production
  • Basics of diesel engines
  • Fuel properties and analysis
  • Biodiesel plant design

The program was targeted for both experienced and entry level staff including entrepreneurs, marketing staff, plant operators, engineers, chemists, technicians, and equipment manufacturers.

List of Speakers

  • Mr. David Belseth, Superior Process Technologies, USA
  • Mr. Harald C. Boeck, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
  • Mr. Brian S. Cooke, Dallas Group, USA
  • Dr. Ignace Debruyne, ID&A, Belgium
  • Dr. Wim De Greyt, De Smet-Ballestra Oleo, Belgium
  • Mr. Giuseppe Dicarpegnam, De Smet-Ballestra Oleo, Belgium
  • Dr. Erich E. Dumelin, Unilever R & D, The Netherlands
  • Ms. Barbara Harten, Westfalia Separator Food Tec GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Michael J. Haas, USDA, ARS, ERRC, USA
  • Dr. Gerhard Knothe, USDA, ARS, NCAUR, USA
  • Dr. Werner Korbitz, Austrian Biofuels Institute, Austria
  • Dr. Marisa Regitano d´Arce, ESALQ, University Sao Paolo, Brazil

Saturday, September 24, 2005

13:20 Opening Remarks and Announcements, (Dr. Sefa Koseoglu)

13:30 Key Trends in the Development of Biodiesel World-Wide, (Mr. Werner Korbitz)

14:00 Biodiesel in Brazil, (Dr. Marisa Regitano d´Arce)

14:30 Biodiesel: It All Begins with Oilseed Crushing and Oil Separation - Some Considerations, (Mr. Harald C. Boeck)

15:00 Coffee/Tea Break

15:30 Pre-Treatment Process for Fats and Oils Prior to Transesterification, (Ms. Barbara Harten)

16:00 Esterification: Chemistry, and Processing, (Dr. Michael J. Haas)

16:30 Biodiesel Engine Performance and Status of Existing Diesel Engine Warranties, (Mr. Werner Korbitz)

 Sunday, September 25, 2005

8.00 Biodiesel: Fuel Properties and Analysis, (Dr. Gerhard Knothe)

8:30 Adsorbent Purification of Biodiesel, (Mr. Brian S. Cooke)

9:00 Biodiesel Plant Design: Planning, Site Selection and Important Critical Parameters, (Mr. Giuseppe Dicarpegnam)

9:30 Coffee/Tea Break

10:00 Economics of Biodiesel Production, (Mr. David Belseth)

10:30 Production of Biofuels from Recycling Oils and Fats: Chemistry of the Process and Applications, (Dr. Wim De Greyt)

11:00 Optimizing Biodiesel Blends for the European Market - Soybean Oil Opportunities, (Dr. Ignace Debruyne)

11:30 Biofuel: A Sustainable Solution for the Environment? (Dr. Erich E. Dumelin)


Short course participants could have received the following two Biodiesel books for 50% off the list price, by selecting Option #2 on the Registration Form:

The Biodiesel Handbook, Gerhard Knothe, Jon Van Gerpen, and Jürgen Krahl, Hardbound. 304 pages. 2005.

Industrial Uses of Vegetable Oils, Sevim Z. Erhan, Hardbound. 184 pages. 2005.

For More Information, please contact:

Dr. Sefa Koseoglu, President, Extraction and Refining Program, a Division of Filtration and Membrane World LLC, c/o AOCS, P.O. Box 17190, Urbana, IL 61803-7190 USA
Phone: +1-217-359-5401, ext. 156
Fax: +1-217-351-8091