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Lecithin Functions in Technology and Nutrition

Saturday and Sunday • April 27–28, 2013

Experts presented on technological functions of vegetable lecithin; preparation and characterization of
emulsions and liposomal dispersions; physical chemistry of polar lipids; and nutrition functions of egg,
marine, milk, and soy phospholipids.

Attendees: Scientists; product developers; QA/QC managers; lab technicians; application technologists;
plant supervisors and sales managers working with lecithins, phospholipids, emulsifiers and emulsions
in food, feed, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, and technical sectors.


Co-organized by AOCS and ILPS

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen, Short Course Leader, ILPS Executive Director, Lecipro Consulting, The Netherlands

Tong Wang, AOCS Phospholipid Division Chair, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, USA

Bruce Sebree, ILPS President, ADM, USA


Moghis U. Ahmad, Vice President Chemical Technology and Manufacturing, Jina Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA.
Frédéric Depypere, Barry Callebaut, Belgium.
Bernd W.K. Diehl, CEO, Spectral Service AG, Germany.
Nils Hoem, Chief Scientist, Aker BioMarine Antarctic, Norway.
Swapnil R. Jadhav, Emulsifier and Surfactant Scientist, Archer Daniels Midland, USA.
Alejandro G. Marangoni, Professor, University of Guelph Department of Food Science, Canada.
Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen, Director, Lecipro Consulting, The Netherlands.
Matthias Rebmann, CEO, Perimondo, USA.
Bruce Sebree, Research Director Emulsifiers-Surfactants-Textures, Archer Daniels Midland Co., USA.
Mabel C. Tomás, Research Scientist, CONICET; Professor, UNLP, Argentina. 
Tong Wang, Professor, Iowa State University, USA.
Xuebing Xu, General Manager R&D, Wilmar Global R&D Center, China.

Presenter Biographies (.pdf)


Saturday, April 27, 2013 

7:30 am

Session 1: Lecithin Production, Modification, and Analytical Method

8:30–8:40 am   Welcome and Introductions. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
8:40–9:30 am   Vegetable Lecithin Production and Industrial Scale Modification. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
9:30–10:10 am   Analytical Methods/Phospholipid Analysis. B. Diehl
10:10–10:30 am   Refreshment Break
10:30–11:05 am   Alternative Source of Polar Lipids With Unique Functionalities. T. Wang
11:05–11:30 am   Novel Phospholipid-Based Products for Food and Industrial Applications. B. Sebree
11:30 am–12:00 pm   O/W Emulsifying Properties of Modified Sunflower Lecithins. M. Tomás
12:00–12:30 pm   LecithinDispersion and Emulsification Demo. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
12:30–1:30 pm   Luncheon

Session 2: Emulsion Technology and Lecithin Technological Functionality

1:30–2:30 pm   Principles of Emulsion Preparation, Evaluation, and Emulsifier Function: Surface Activity Measurement, Structure-Function Relationship, Surface Activity, Droplet Contact Measurement, and Zeta Potential Technique. S. Jadhav
2:30–3:10 pm   Polar Lipid Self-Assembly Into Supramolecular Structures: The Critical Packing Parameter. A. Marangoni
3:10–3:30 pm   Refreshment Break
3:30–4:00 pm   Phospholipid and Monoglyceride Based Structured Emulsions. A. Marangoni
4:00–4:30 pm   Nanotechnology: An Emerging Technology for Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals. M. Ahmad
4:30–5:00 pm   Enzymatic Modification of Phospholipids with Enhanced Emulsifying Performance in Foods. X. Xu

Sunday, April 28, 2013  

Session 3: Lecithin in Food, Feed, and Pharmaceutics  

8:30–9:00 am   Lecithin Performance in Fat Spreads and Fats Handling Stability. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
9:00–9:30 am   Emulsifier Functionality in Chocolate Products. F. Depypere
9:30–10:15 am
  Modified Lecithins in Baking Products. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
10:15–10:30 am
  Lecithins in Agglomerization and Instantization. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
10:30–10:50 am   Refreshment Break
10:50–11:20 am
  Industrial and Feed Uses of Lecithin. B. Sebree
11:20–11:50 am   Drug Encapsulation and Nano-Emulsion Technique. M. Rebmann
11:50–12:25 pm
  Omega Phospholipids in Health Supplements. N. Hoem
12:25–12:30 pm
  Closing Remarks. W. van Nieuwenhuyzen
12:30 pm