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Edible Oils Refining Update: From the Fundamentals to New Technologies

Future of Lipid Oxidation, Antioxidants, Nutrition, Genomics and Metabolomic Aspects
Fats and Oils for Confectionary and Chocolates:
Chemistry, Primary Sources, Crystallization, Alternatives, and Stability

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Olive Oil Chemistry and Sensory Relationships

Saturday, April 28 (afternoon)-Sunday, April 29 (morning)

Organizer: Dan Flynn, Executive Director, UC Davis Olive Center,
Short Course Networking University of California–Davis, USA.
Chair: Andrew Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA.

This short course examined a strongly debated area in olive oil quality standards--the extent that chemical methods correlate with olive oil sensory quality.

The content of the course was directed to both a technical audience familiar with olive oil chemical and sensory methods, as well as a non-technical audience interested in the future of olive oil quality standards.

Schedule of Presentations

This schedule and presentation titles are subject to change.

Saturday, April 28 
12:00 pm
1:00 pm Welcome and Overview.
Andrew Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA.
1:10 pm A World Tour of Olive Oil Standards—IOC, US, Codex, Australia, Turkey, and Relationship to EVOO Sensory Qualities.
Rodney J. Mailer, Australian Oils Research Laboratory, Australia.
1:50 pm Chemical Markers of Sensory Defects—The Role of Minor Components in Quality.
Ramón Aparicio, Instituto de la Grasa, Spain.
2:30 pm Break
2:50 pm Sensory Evaluation and the Brain.
Diego Garcia, Instituto de la Grasa, Spain.
3:30 pm Panel Discussion: How New Instrumental Approaches Can Change Olive Oil Analysis
Moderator: Richard Cantrill, AOCS, USA. 
Panelists: J. Cappozzo, H. Li, C. Schneider, S. Baumann.
4:50 pm Wrap Up.
Andrew Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA.
5:00 pm Adjourn
Sunday, April 29 
8:30 am Welcome and Recap of Previous Day Proceedings.
Andrew Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA.
8:40 am Olive Oil Quality in California: Recent Findings.
Selina Wang, University of California, Davis. USA.
9:05 am The Use of PPP, DAGs, UV, and the Life of Oils.
Claudia Guillaume, Modern Olives Laboratory, Australia. Alexandra Devarenne, Calathena, USA.
9:50 am The Use of PPP, DAGs, UV, and the Life of Oils. Panel Discussion.
Moderator: Catherine Watkins, AOCS.
Panelists: C. Guillaume, R. Aparicio, S. Wang, R. Mailer, D. Garcia.
10:20 am Break
10:40 am Regulatory Considerations—The Canadian Perspective.
Angela Sheridan, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada.
11:05 am Panel Discussion: Regulatory Considerations.
Moderator: Paul Miller, Australian Olive Association, Australia.
Panelists: C. Guillaume, R. Mailer, D. Garcia, T. Mueller, M. Fernandez.
11:35 am
Panel Discussion: Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator: Dan Flynn, UC Davis Olive Center, USA.
Panelists: D. Garcia, R. Mailer, C. Guillaume, E. Frankel, A. Sheridan.
12:20 pm
Wrap Up.
Andrew Proctor, University of Arkansas, USA.
12:30 pm Adjourn