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The Forum on Emerging Technologies – What’s on the Horizon?

Monday, April 30 • 9:00 am–11:45 am

Special Session-America Invents Act

Monday, April 30 • 8:00 am–8:50 am
(prior to The Forum on Emerging Technologies)

Maximizing Yield: Optimal Strategies for Obtaining and Enforcing Patent Rights in the Wake of the America Invents Act

Co-Presenters: Paul S. Tully, Ph.D., Partner, and Jeremy E. Noe, Partner, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, USA.

The Forum Logo

The Forum on Emerging Technologies
encompassed global discussions on matters that affect the future of our industries. These informative sessions expanded beyond the science to address how these critical issues impact the business of fats and oils.

Analytical Horizons

Organizer: Chris Dayton, Director – Fats and Oils Processing, Bunge Ltd., NY, USA

The presentations in this session demonstrated the ability to obtain, analyze, record, and interact with both the process and the business needs for real time data using spectral techniques traditionally used in the laboratory.  More...

Breaking the Paradigm: Sustainable Use of Resources and Technologies

Co-Organizer:  Ena Cratsenburg, VP – Business Development, Amyris, CA, USA;
Jeffrey J. Scheibel, Principal Scientist, The Procter & Gamble Co., USA

Sustainability is becoming more and more important as companies look to improve their environmental

footprint and reduce reliance on petroleum-derived products.  More...

Communication and Computer Technology in the Workplace

Organizer: Amy Lopez, Web Content Strategy Manager, AOCS, IL, USA

How businesses are utilizing new technologies and social media to their advantage, and what challenges

are being faced.  More...

Functional Lipids

Organizers: Frank Flider, VP – Nutrition, Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., AZ, USA; Howard Knapp, MD, Big Sky

Medical Research, MT, USA

Structure, application, fundamentals, Omega-3s, and health/nutrition implications.  More...

Renewable Oils for Biobased Products

Organizer: Jose A. Olivares, PhD., Executive Director, National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts, NM, USA

The session focused on developing an understanding of the oils from non-traditional renewable sources,

e.g., cellulose, castor, jatropha, algae, etc.  More...