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Hot Topic Symposia
Tuesday, May 3
9:00 am–12:00 pm

Hot Topic Symposia expand the breadth, scope, and timeliness of the technical program at the 102nd AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo.

Interdependency of AOCS Disciplines:
Sustainable Technologies for Consumer and Industrial Use

The various technologies of AOCS divisions represent a nexus for innovation when they are brought together into a single forum such as this session. New ideas can be generated through the blending of adjacent technologies. This session highlights some of the emerging new chemical and biological processes. It is anticipated that these and related technologies could transform the future of agricultural products, chemicals, and fuels. Ultimately, these novel technologies and derivatives could have an increasing presence in formulated consumer product ingredients as flavors, fragrances, and surfactants.

Fragrance Innovation in Today’s Consumer Products
Fragrances are a key ingredient in most household products and one of the main drivers for consumer purchase. With the current environmental concerns and troubled economy, fragrance-related innovations are a hot topic for every detergent and household product manufacturer and supplier.

New Horizons for Healthful Oils:
Innovative Approaches to Meeting Government Guidelines

New dietary guidelines are further directing shifts in consumption of dietary fats.  This year, as the government becomes increasingly involved in dietary guidance, front-of-pack labeling initiatives, and menu labeling, it is more important than ever to have an innovative response to improve the healthfulness of products.  Oils offer a critical solution for markedly improving the healthfulness of a product.  There are novel oils in development as well as new oils being adopted in the marketplace.  This program will provide critical insights on the emerging oils and the innovative solutions in the pipeline that can improve labels.

Tough Topics to Teach
How do you address certain lipid topics that pose instructional problems? These problems may be due to a lack of clear information, ambiguous information, or an abundance of information that needs to be focused on relevant issues. Academics and industry professionals will benefit from a clear presentation of these problem areas from speakers who have a record of teaching excellence and established research experience with each topic of interest. 

Vitamin D: New Dietary Intake Recommendations and Emerging Health Effects
Learn more about the US Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on the new vitamin D dietary intake recommendations (DRIs) for Americans.  What is the science and rationale underpinning these new recommendations?  What is the new emerging science related to the health effects of vitamin D?  The symposium will answer these questions and review how the recommendations will have significant implications and a direct impact on the food industry for nutrition labeling, food fortification, and health related claims, as well as public health recommendations in future Dietary Guidelines for Americans.