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Standards Development Organization Representation


AOCS administers the US position at ISO through US TAGs to the following technical and sub committees:

AOCS is a liaison member of ISO Technical Committee 34 Sub Committees 2 and 11 [ISO/TC 34/SC 2 and 11].

AOCS provides the Secretariat for SC 16 and the Convenorship of the Joint Working Group between ISO/TC 34/SC 11 and ISO/TC 28/SC 7 (Input/Output Quality for Feedstocks and Fatty Acid Esters Used in Biodiesel).

ISO/TC 34 Food Products Manual (.pdf)

The Inter-Agency Meeting (IAM)

A series of meetings of International Organizations working in the field of methods of analysis and sampling of food products and associated quality assurance measures. More...

Standards Harmonization Activities

AOCS is an active participant in several harmonization activities including;


If you are interested in serving on any ISO committee or need more information in standardization effects, please contact Richard Cantrill.