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Disclaimerpages inside the method book

The use of a particular apparatus, piece of equipment or instrument in Official Methods and Recommended Practices of the American Oil Chemists' Society reflects the availability of such items at the time of methods development and validation by collaborative study and does not constitute endorsement by the AOCS. Where a particular apparatus, piece of equipment, or instrument is referred to in an Official Method or Recommended Practice, also included by reference is any other equivalent apparatus, piece of equipment, or instrument.


All AOCS methods should only be undertaken by individuals knowledgeable about their potential dangers and hazards. These methods are not intended for use by untrained or unknowledgeable individuals. If you are uncertain about the potential hazards associated with a method, do not undertake to perform, please consult a knowledgeable individual.

If a method requires the use of equipment, see the manufacturer's safety instructions and cautionary statements. Do not use equipment when you are unfamiliar with the manner of operation or the potential hazards associated with the use of the equipment.

Some of the methods contained in this book require the use of flammable, toxic, and/or poisonous materials. Do not use materials about whose characteristics you are not fully aware. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should be read and understood prior to the use of each material the method requires. Use caution when disposing of chemicals that are alone and that come into contact with other chemicals.

Always utilize fume hoods, proper ventilation, and protective clothing and equipment where such are required.

The American Oil Chemists' Society makes no warranty as to the safety of the methods contained herein.


Method Disclaimer (.pdf)